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Forex General & Subordinates

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By jaguar1637 3286 days ago


The Forex General is a Forex Integrated Trading Environment used to trade foreign currencies.

Forex General easily integrates with Metatrader 4 client or your FIX-based OMS (Order Management System) to get you seamless access. Forex General is the first application to offer both a Metatrader 4 and FIX bridge. Future communication bridges under development include Metatrader 5. We will not develop bridges for high-end FDM connectivity as most of these FDM’s are out of the average trader’s realm. Instead we offer a Business Partner subscription where we release the full source code for you, as our Business Partner to develop your own private label. You are also can add additional connectivity options.

Forex General is FREE to download and FREE to use! We offer subscription levels to developers that wish to add or extend Forex General. We do not control any third party strategies developed for Forex General as well as any pricing that the developer will set.

Why use Forex General? Can I just use Metatrader directly.

You can, Metatrader is a good platform but limited when integrating strategies and indicators. Forex General is more integrated to fit your custom trading style. You can set Forex General to trade aggressively or more conservatively. The choice is yours! Also Forex General has been archetecture to permit easy extensibillity and has some very good trading applications already to trade like Forex Raptor Freeware, FX News Hunter, Triangular Arbitrage Calculator, 4-Rex and much more, with new applications being added frequently.

A useful benefit that existing users of Forex General is it’s stealth trading style employed so you can keep your strategy secret from the FDM until the trade is placed.

Forex General has great back testing abilities by integrating with the third party product Forex Tester 2 (not a free product but we have secured special pricing for users of Forex General)

Unlike other Forex trading applications, Forex General integrates several different strategies to predict trade parameters either as standalone or composite. The description of each strategy utilized is describe under subordinate section.

Download and Begin Trading today (unless it is Saturday then you have to wait for Sunday evening) !

There is even a comprehensive manual.