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What is project Stargate?

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By JohnLast 3733 days ago Comments (6)

The Wikipedia article is maybe very clearly explaining what it is, or maybe what it was.


The question here is can we apply this information and the information leaked by the project in the trading evironment. 

The basic idea is that whatever we do we use our intuition. Maybe we could use some established and tested protocols to make the best use of it.

There is a succesful track record for successfull use by the military of remote viewing. 


  • CamaRon 3733 days ago

    It could be that the so-called "technical analysis" we do, is actually "killing" our intuition, and stops us from doing what we "know" is the right move. I have experienced intuition-trading several times, whereas I have been sitting there, wondering if I should place an order, and suddenly get an "urgent" feeling in my whole body. Right after this feeling has occured, a major move happens. Usually, I don't take the entry, because chart/indis tell me otherwise. So, I have been pondering this for a while, and have thought the same thing; there must be a way to train and perfect this.


  • JamestheGiant 3731 days ago

    Intuition is an impulse that originates from some thing you have seen or noticed before.  The more you look at bare charts, and I do not mean candle sticks specifically, the more this intuition develops.  Technical analysis is debilitating because it does not give any information or depth into the markets, but also because it is the lazy way of trading.  You can not just wait for a green light to place a good trade, and a red one to close it in profit. 

  • JamestheGiant 3731 days ago

    And remote viewing or precognition is not so much intuition as something that requires a gift or extensive learning.  Intuition is something like luck but that can be trained to signal more often.

  • JohnLast 3731 days ago

    iWhen an experienced trader look at the chart he makes a specific care how it looks like how it moves how it ticks. Very often i feel the break - out it is something like an adrenaline rush.

    However the emotions blur the intuition. I felt somewhat that the august my system will not perform and I stopped trading and being in the markets. And that happened exactly like that. I even warned about the summer lack of trend. This was statistics but intuition too. And even the statistics are in the same time mathematics and art.

    I am thinking if it is possible to use the Star Gate protocols not to predict market direction but market state and volatility.




  • CamaRon 3731 days ago

    "Very often i feel the break - out it is something like an adrenaline rush." 

    That's the feeling I get :)

    It's your brain telling you to wake the hell up and start real trading.

  • JohnLast 3731 days ago

    I will make a try with the exercices this week - end. I am curious where I will end - up. Lately I have been interested in this kind of phenomena. There are sometimes strange kinds of chain of consequences. 

    Whatever kind of trading you use the guts are a main component within.

    Lately I saw a UFO in Bulgaria and that made me more interested in this kind. 

    This has been recorded by me:


    As the military are using psychic abilities when they are facing problems that they cannot face otherwise. They were using psychics trying to make contact with the so called aliens. I have some real stories about those attempts.

    In the same time the trader has to use his psychic abilities to stay in the markets.