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By JohnLast 3664 days ago Comments (1)

In the description of the download file there is a short description how to do that.

Basically what is needed is to make a video showing this that is the best way. 

When you install the indicator you should be able to see the data in the experts/files/subfolder depending on the frame.

That means that you are OK with that stage.

The second thing is to use Rapid Miner. Here is the Read CSV that is what you need to find. 

In the import configuration wizzard you should you the comma, for the column separation, otherwize it will not work.


  • JohnLast 3664 days ago

    Just for the real data start by deleting the old file. Otherwize there would be an error in the readin of the CSV file. You can press the run button in Rapid Miner whenever you want and the data will be updated.