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Have you see that ?

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By albert 3797 days ago Comments (3)

A guy in steve forum, will make a paid signal service based on 10.2 (based on free indicators and eas).

10.2 is a basket trading style, they are claiming they make thousands pips every day, but when they lose there is nobody :)

And they lose very hard, they can lose 300 to 500 pips in a day :)

And guys will paid for a service like that. This world is going crazy, no ?


  • jaguar1637 3797 days ago

    lol !

  • JohnLast 3797 days ago

    It is a general paradigme that increasing the profits is related with the increased risk.

    However Warren Buffet with his fundemantal analysis is claiming that he can reach the contrary. For example imagine an undervaluated company with strong fundamentals. 

    However in pure technical analysis it is not possible to reach higher profitability without taking higher risks (despite what they are telling you in the price action schools).


  • francisfinley 3796 days ago

    yeah i follow most things out of that shop - however you are right. I stated all they were doing was breakouts every morning at a certain time - of course the naysayers and trolls told me there was a certain format!

    the old beast has recently died - i am yet to find a working robot out of that shop.