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Performance booster for Metatrader

By JohnLast 2885 days ago Comments (7)

I was thinking if I can boost the performance of my Metatrader during optimization of trading strategies. 

I found an interesting program for boosting PC performance for enhanced gaming experience. So why not. 

Look at this screen shot it looks like there is 42 % increased performance after shutting down unnecessary services. 

There is a paid program too by avgm that allows to do such kind of things. It looks like a lot can be achieved just by shutting down unnecessary services. 

In the shot I just added the metatrader as a game in order to boost the performance when it is launched.


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  • JohnLast 2885 days ago

    AVG PC tune up versus Game Booster

    The game booster is a free software and it boosts the Windows only when the application is launched. When you close the application the Windows gets back to normal, and that is the feature I like. 

    AVG PC tune up is a paid service.


  • jaguar1637 2885 days ago

    Well, I did not know this stuff.

    Should be interesting if the strategy is based on analyzing ticks 

  • albert 2884 days ago

    Thanks for this stuff, very usefull.

    In windows 7, in the startmenu, type "resource monitor" ou "moniteur de ressources" for french people.

    It's a program in windows that tracks all types of data : processor, memory, disk access for all services and programs that are running.

    Very interesting, you see which one is consuming more resources !

  • fxfirebird 2884 days ago

    Thanks for this, very usefull. My metatrader works a lot faster than before.

  • fxez 2878 days ago

    I'm wondering what principle this Game Booster works on? I'm a bit timid to try out programs like this. I haven't tried it yet but does this shut down / disable services or simply increase the priority of the target application (akin to selecting high priority in task manager). Any thoughts?

  • JohnLast 2877 days ago

    According to their FAQ Game Booster:

    Game Booster does not touch your hardware or system settings. It only closes background process and services temporarily, so after a reboot, everything will be normal.

    When you choose the processes you like to be closed, next time GB will remember those and they will be shown as checked to be closed.


    However the AVG does much more with cleaning registry (always very dangerous).

    When you optimize for optimum performance with AVG it even does not allow you to use the Aero (uses ressources) and even it turns off the Windows defender. The AVG in gaming mode turns really a lot of stuff LOL.

    When I look at the description there is a huge list of services you really do not need most of the time but which consume memory and processing power. 

  • JohnLast 2877 days ago

    It looks like there is a palce for performance optimization of the windows 7, they offer even a free e-book

    Windos tweak guide but you need to subscribe to their news letter to get it