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Trading NLP

Trading NLP

This is a group about the use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in trading.

NLP modelling for traders

By JohnLast 3332 days ago

imageThe NLP modelling for traders is probably the most central implications in practice. The reason is that trading is difficult and very psychologically demanding. And that may crack psychically even the most brilliant minds.

The ideas is to select the appropriate mind programs used by traders, to analyse them, to copy them and finally to use them.

That is the NLP perspective, in other words the most deep thaughts spoken by the masters are just words, unless you have the knowledge to implement that in practice.'

I really I am not sure but it is completely normal not to understand me for the moment.

The ideas is how to protect your self and to have a clear methodology for that.

That is why I am mostly interested in the modelling and the use of internal ressources part of NLP. The use of anchors and anchoring and conditionning is a valid scientific and psychological process. (Here again I am concerned about the most immediate scientific support and not the scientific validity of NLP in general).


So I would give an immediate example, otherwize it may remain totally unclear.

I was asking one trader what is his psychological attitude towards the EA optimization.

His answers is that for him that is a way to compute an optimum strategy. In that strategy the losses are a part of the strategy.

And here comes immediately a psychological strategy for dealing with the losses.

The next question was how he considers psychologically the losses?

The losses are a part of the strategy they are computed in the strategy and they are inevitable.

(So here this is not about reasonning it is about how psychologically you deal with the situation).


The next psychological test is if the losses are within the risk limits of the strategy or not and that need to be computed beforehands.


Then using the NLP you could program to follow that strategy using the typical methods that may be unique for every human being.

So here that is not the truth, that is just a technology to deal with the stress that comes from trading a EA. With the tools of NLP it is possible to incorporate that strategy without the NLP technology those are just words.