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Trading NLP

Trading NLP

This is a group about the use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in trading.

A typical scam system


Here I will put some citations and codes from a scam system presentation. The idea of those presentations is to manipulate the way you feel about it and not at all to give any arguments or proofs. Even it selects people who actually deserve to be scamed. Why? Because it it stated that the system is being stolen. And they are offered a low price stolen system. No really I think I would have no particular compassion towards their $299. What really is dangerous is to actually trade this system.

But here it is the SYSTEM.

Omni system platinum

I will put an end to all the scams (Nice huh). It is time somebody who has the guts and the strength to tell you the truth.

I have a trading system that for nine consecutive years was profitable. (On the backtest of course).

I was a chief programmer for a hedge fund (believe me please). We were tasked for a mission that has never been accomplished before (lol). The owner of fund was Dr. Cameron Heinz.

This guy (the best guy) was a pioneer in the field of Heuristics and its application in indirecto Problem Solving (that sound great). He is extremely rich. He has built some truly amazing unbeatable system that can accureately predict the market.

Here is how it works:

Parallel hybrid heuristics and parallel optimization. (Anybody knows what is that lol)

At the heart of the system is a database of chart patterns encrypted within the system (who the fuck is going to encrypt pennants and triangles LOL). These patterns are guarded heavily (oh please).

You can get extremely safe trades (everybody says so ;) ). And you will use winning price patterns.

The man who created that is Jonas Kaiser (nice name), one of the worlds most successful day traders (a kind of trading batman). He created 39 specific videos but only his friends are allowed to watch them. The techniques siphon money from the market with almost no risk (nice metaphore nothing more).

We turned each video technique into an algorithm within the database that the system could read. Each algorithm was then encrypted with KG-245A Fifth – generation of encryption (now the newbies are impressed for sure).

The system is so advanced that it actually learns more and more about the market as it is used.

We let it start with an account of &10 000 And within 3 days it had turned that $10 000 into just under $17 000. (Anyway this does not look like extremely safe trades ;))

A HUGE success. (;) I think they have been telling the same for the kamikazes).

It was so successful for the Hedge fund that I was fired. The senior managers do not require the programmers who develop the system (bool shit). I felt cheated and used (now this addresses the personal feeling of the potential scammed buyers, they are good compassionate souls). Now I cannot find a similar job with the same pay grade.

So as I had the 39 secret videos …After six months we made a home based system trading smaller accounts. We call it OMNI.

It was consistently profiting by 20 – 50 pips each day. (Daytraders love those numbers).

I found the system to make $1000 than to travel to the close ATM to take the money. (Well my ATM is just next door).

Now you will get your own copy of OMNI.

I make no apologies it costs $2000 an annual license.

The system makes $5000 even $6000 each day so why not. (well what about the small account and the extremely safe trades, some inconsistency there).

I have 5 people using the system (extremely privileged circle of traders and even two high-profile Wall Street traders (what?!), the idea of this is there is a privileged circle).

Now I am offering a way to profit from the system (Oh I really want it badly now ;) )

I will extend the opportunity to take it to the next level (this is a clear nlp language inducing into hypnosis).

If you had been an owner of OMNI since 2002 you can turn $2000 into $130 000. (of course in the back test I can achieve that on daily basis with almost every free EA).

And $10 000 will end as 1.3 million dollars. (Now the millionaire dream comes into play).

You have seen the inarguable truth (what please say it again I really like it).

You would have done a 2, 3 hours amount of work (hahaha).

And you can remove the profits and play with the house money (a typical gambler’s dream).

Now let see the core components.

Make money without significant effort and time commitment!

We use the brand new parallel hybrid heuristics technology: capable to see the Immediate future with Uncanny accuracy.

You get 3 add-on computational cores:

You have database encryption computational core
Parallel hybrid heuristics computational core
Stringent Purifying computational core (I am truly amazed by the name)



The price is $2 470 for activation fee and the annual subscription is $1 997.
So it makes $4 467.
Now we eat the activation fee + unlimited license. (wow)
You are going to pay not even $1497
You are going to pay not even $997
You are going to pay not even $997
You are going to pay not even $497
You are going to pay not even $297

If you act today it is $197 (Come on give it for free)

The value if the HUGE BONUS PACKAGE is valued at $8637
(I wonder how he gets to those numbers).


  • fxez 4312 days ago

    Good comments. I thought the following line was rather hilarious:

    We let it start with an account of &10 000 And within 3 days it had turned that $10 000 into just under $17 000. (Anyway this does not look like extremely safe trades ;))

    My comment is that just under 17K could be 16.9K (as implied) or more likely 0.1 K, depending on how the system actually performed. More likely the latter number, thus the system sales and pimping for more money. A bargain at only $197 lol.

  • fxez 4312 days ago

    Now that I think of it, I think I've read this come on before. Or maybe they all look alike these days.

  • JohnLast 4312 days ago

    In fact the burgain was even lowered to $97. 

    I put this into the nlp section because the whole thing was full of hypnotic messages. 

    In fact many may wonder why people are going to sell systems without proof of any kind. And it is even more interesting why people actually buy it. 

    The answer is that some commercial tactics are targetted to the subconscious level and that is why it works.

    The next time you put on your brand new levis Jeans make attention how you feel about them. Is it different from the sensation to put on another jeans.

    In fact the new modern publicity campaigns are targetted towards the subcosnious. What really matters is how you feel  towards their product. 

    And the game of it is to manipulation the sensations/ feelings of the people towards your product. 

    The scam marketing is not so professional but it uses a lot of hypnotic inducing words:

    siphon moeny from the market; extremely safe trades, accurately predict, u-turn system, Make money without significant effort and time commitment!, Daytraders love those numbers etc.

  • jaguar1637 4312 days ago


    the KG-245A is a tool device (to encrypt communications)

    he wrote :"It was so successful for the Hedge fund that I was fired. The senior managers do not require the programmers who develop the system"

    It's not possible, this guy should tell his own story to Goldman Sachs, is this story is true, he will be hired immediatly as Hight Director of Forex operations !!

    or, may be will be the next Chief of the BCE ! lol


  • JohnLast 4312 days ago

    he truth is that he may say:

    "I have nothing to do with trading." 

    "I am professional scammer and I do that for living."

    "I prepared everything and I am going to get a commission through clickbank for every looser who is going to take the bite."



  • jaguar1637 4285 days ago

    A new scam or not ?  This concerns the new robot from Rita Lasker


    I got opposite ratings (good ratings here) regarding those EAs sold by Rita Lasker


    other are selling those products ,

    other are selling this product ?
     have bought several of Rita Laskers projects and nothing ever works as advertised. I now have this system and for the life of me I cannot even come close to her results which I believe are as fake as they come. The main signal indicator on the chart cannot be tweaked so it is as lagging as they come. When it finally decides to change color most of the run up is over and when you go in shortly after it reverses leaving you if you are not there at a loss. I now equate Rita Lasker as another karl Dittman another con artist. Never again.

  • jaguar1637 4285 days ago

    About Rita lasker from http://worldwide-invest.org/threads/10728-Req-forex50pips-trading-system-by-Rita-Lasker/page2?s=e1447d1974e9fa02cc893d7c87ca483e

    Rita, K.D etc, these people are no traders, they making 3 or 4 times a year their system with indicators they find on the internet and forex forums.
    They hire an person who knows something about programming, to changes the name of the indicator.
    Then the commercial things , give it a name, like 50 pips a day ,and then they put it on the forex comercial sites ,
    After that, they only have to look at their bankaccount how the money get in.
    That their system is not working they don,t give a d... about it.
    So believe me ,don,t waste your time about this scams ,at the end there,s only one winner ,and thats not You!

  • JohnLast 4285 days ago

    Trading with an EA is a process, and the quality of the process matters a lot. That means it is OK to select an EA provider and uses his updates (because he knows better than anyone the EA).

    So one of the most important things for a provider is its reputation and the time he is in the market. If you see a new system just popping up promissing you the quick way to the reaches it is a sure sign for a scam.

    Selecting profitable third party systems is an art form by itself.


  • JohnLast 4277 days ago

    I think that there are some good practices regarding the due diligence of trading systems.

    - ask Google, yes this is the most obvious but the most effective thing you can do right from the start. 

    - look at the site, how it looks like, is it serious institutionnal site with long history or just it is a new stuff. 

    Well this is somewhat more advanced and includes the check in the whois of the site like, who is the owner of the site, how long is its history. 

    Anyway this can't work all the time. In fact there are some very short or relatively short opportunities given by new comers. So you can't distinguish right from the start. However if something is really good people will see that and will comment that and Google will index that. 

    Here on this site we had an example of a system that worled like charm for months in the pair EUR/ CHF.  Yes really like doubling the account with moderate risk. Yes it is possible those opportunities exist. And they do not need to be related with a commercial software at all.

    So keep searching and share. 

    That is the whole idea of this site, if you have a small community of friends searching that may be more effective and time and cost effective.

    The pair revue is some of the biggest things I know.