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Best MQ4 coders

This morning, I would like to talk about the best MQ4 developpers in the world.

because, just only a few one, are able to write something good, interesting and valuable

Some are dedicated to write EA, other are more involved in indicators (as I do)

So, this is my own list to share w/ you. Do not hesitate to provide new names.

I just started this list, soory if I forgot names

The cream of the crop

  • STeve HopWood
  • madlen
  • Zagani
  • Ron Thompson
  • Funyoo
  • Jean philippe Botton
  • Reshcov
  • Kurt Annen
  • XTRO




The others


  • Alejandro Galindo for dynamic stop idea
  • Hendrick for Pheonix system
  • Matt Edmonds  for basic EA as profit locks
  • Nick Bilak  for BrainTrend idea
  • klot for FFT stuff
  • Alexander Kirilyuk  for Adaptative RSI
  • Beluk => somthing interesting
  • Kenny Goodman > Digical filter stuff
  • PAvel Kulko for divergence ideas
  • Fernando Gomes for DMI
  • Jason Robinson for interesting stupp
  • Tageiger => for his EAs
  • FerruFx => his own develpment are very well styled
  • igorad => for Fractal Channell and many good stuffs
  • Yousky Soft for Gann indies
  • David W thomas for good macd
  • perky => someting very intuitive stuff
  • Ramdass => good job for conversion from mql to mq4
  • Vladislav Goshkov=> for good indies
  • Alejandro Galindo=> sometimes interesting
  • kalenzo => sometimes good
  • Scoprpion from fxfisherman => interesting
  • Yura Prokofiev => simple and relevant (check his swapshop indie!)
  • Mojo Fx
  • Dean Malone => for the Traders Dynamixc index
  • yannis
  • Bob O Brien
  • Waddah Attar => he creates a group of followers w/ his reliable idead (check his COG work)
  • Emerald King => for improving indie as laguerre stuff
  • Shurka and Kevein => about SHI_shannel
  • Sharipov Ainur => interesting
  • Massimo Gentili => simple and efficient
  • Raff => well known
  • Rosh => good
  • Wesley Henwood => interesting ea
  • Derk Wehler => good jobs on FFCal
  • IgorAD => same
  • Kirk Solan
  • Varum Juneja
  • Avery T Horton
  • Yuriy Tokman
  • bruno Gaiteirp
  • Duke3DAtomic
  • sjcoinc








  • fxez 4305 days ago





    I'm far too modest to nominate myself.

  • jaguar1637 4305 days ago

    Yep , my list of the cream of the crop was erased (in the browser)

    I forgot many names like

    • Luis Guilherme Damiani (I like his stiuff and new refined indics)
    • XTRO=> someone told me he was controversed, I do not think the same way. he is a good coder
    • Bruce Hellstrom for AI 's perceptron => Of course yes !
    • Sergey Kovalyov
    • Trofimov Evgeniy




  • jaguar1637 4305 days ago

    Of course, I forgot some names from beathespread.com 's users

    Jack 1 and John

  • JohnLast 4305 days ago

    Yes John - Jaguar I would nominate you because of the incredible amount of work you did for our friends here.

    I would nominate vgc from Bulgaria, because of the simplicity and efficacity of his approach. Euro swissy do you remember that ;).

  • JohnLast 4305 days ago

    We can add some firms too.

    I would add mqlsoft.com. Their adaptation of the Ehler's indicators is a very good job.


  • jaguar1637 4305 days ago

    I forgot nominates for bringing the best strategies the the public

    • John last
    • VGC
    • Jean philippe Botton


  • JohnLast 4304 days ago

    Hi I think that would be a different nomination ;). Coding is coding, and strategy is strategy. 

    What I really want to do is to use the possibilities of the GPU and opencl in order to accelerate the learning of an EA kernel.

    I think that idea is worth.  

  • tovim 4302 days ago

    Where is Igorad :) ?

  • jaguar1637 4302 days ago

    igorad => for Fractal Channell and many good stuffs (I think in Russia )

  • jaguar1637 4298 days ago

    Yura Prokofiev is a very good coder too!