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About Gann: some ideas

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By JohnLast 3115 days ago Comments (1)


The work of Gann is indeed very interesting it is the result of someone who has dedicated his entire life to the markets.

Howevever what we know about him today is not everything he has created. Some of his works never quited the manuscript stage.

I think that he was using everything he can, all the available technology of his day in order to read the markets. I think he was a visionary. Many can't understand but the simple bar charts of today were at the time something completely astonishing.

Yes today we have the summum of all the technical analysis available on internet, most of the readers here have gigabites of technical books and works in their hard - drives.

But on the other hand if Gann had an odge during his lifespan markets over the others the same is not true for us.

The market is something very specific, not all markets are the some and the markets evolve during time. I mean that the most computarized markets of today are fundamentally different from the markets in which Gann has practices his methods.

So there are two difficulties.

1. The Gann works and methods are incomplete (many of his works are not available).

2. Even if they were they were created for markets totally different from the market of today. That means that authomatic implementation is not going to work.


And yes, what can be done is to be fimiliriased with his methods and to have a creative approach.

Some even say that Gann was one of the first guys who actually used algorythmic approach. It is about the Gann high - low activator (now by the way entirely coded in mql and freely available to everybody, in its time that was the edge of the research).

Have a loot at: Krausz: W.D. Gann Treasure discovered



  • JohnLast 3115 days ago

    By the way as you can see the High - Low activator produce results that are similar than brain trend.

    In fact after Gann, Wilder is the next guy with a great inpact over the trading community. 

    The name of the game is a mechanical trading system.

    So mainly the technical analysis spread into two different paths: one of the path was toward analysing framework and discretionary approach, for example the Elliott waves is a very good example, or price action is an example that follows the same approach.

    The second branch is now mechanical from that branch the modern quantitative analysis is born.

    So it is interesting to look at the things from evolutionary perspective and to see how things evolve over time and how the markets themselves evolve.

    So I think there is not a hidden knowledge from the past that will allow by itself to beat the markets of today.