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  • Chess program applied for trading => http://www.predictionpointtrading.com/

Chess program applied for trading => http://www.predictionpointtrading.com/

The idea is simple, a chess program can work by anticipating moves because the market can be translated moves into figures. Check this idea on http://www.predictionpointtrading.com/

Like if the chart space can be considered into 32 boxes with auto modes Sequential programs, intelligence artificial. No need to rebuild a programm, it must be a chess program to work on figures(figures are candles, harami, patterns) which will drive the response, not a trade but a sequence of trades, which will fluctuate over time and with the immediate impulse of the real market

Simple but efficient


  • JohnLast 3290 days ago

    As far as I know the chess programs are computing different moves and then they appreciate if that is a good move or not.

  • jaguar1637 3290 days ago

    In fact, the chess program creates an heuristic tree

    By default, somes peices got a coefficient based on movment capabilities and powerfullness

    Here, the chess pieces are replaced by differents patterns and the chess program can predict best moves, and in the trading case, can predict the next figures and patterns



  • JohnLast 3289 days ago

    Then we take the hudini the best chess program and we crack the market lol.

  • jaguar1637 3289 days ago

    John, I do not think this program crack the market.

    For sure, it should be a good pattern learning and recognization. this program can not do scalpel or be used on short time timeframe

    Today , we have  apart the iVAR strategy and perceptron (I found big error in my EA coding) ... better with the UnclePips proposal 

  • JohnLast 3289 days ago

    You know some errors of coding are very difficult to find, that is why mario prefers the minimalistic EA design.