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Forex remote viewing part 2


Can you apply remote viewing for Forex trading? Theoretically Remote viewing can be applied everywhere. Of course it is obvious that the tools will be used to suck a lucrative activity as trading. Historically the first methodologies were developped for the Stock market.

And guess what if you google search those key words that would mean that you had the idea that the remote viewing techniques may be useful for trading. And if you had the idea that means very often that somebody else had the same idea too. Here I will give you a link to a you tube promotion video that matches what you are looking for. However I will bring the discussion a little bit further.

The video and the course is from Ed Dames. Who is Ed Dames and how is he related with remote viewing.

Major Ed Dames is a distinguished military intelligence officer from United States Army (ret.).

After the declassification of the Project Stargate many of the military personnal went into the private sector.That explains how this and other courses are created.

So with Ed Dames you will get first hand experience in remote viewing. As this is very technical stuff the details are what matters most. So if you are going to put real money into it be serious and learn from the best.

Here I end with the recommendations and I will show the limitations of the method. Check the previous post about the risk.

The problem is related with the multiple time lines. There is a theory that there are multiple time lines and if you get a result you can't be sure that the result is withing your time line.

For more explications you can check this video from Courntey Brown

So who is Courntey Brown? He has a  Ph.D. degree from Washington University (St. Louis) in 1982 in political science with an emphasis on mathematical modeling and he is a leading scholar on the subject of "remote viewing" and he is representing the non profit public research with the Farsight Institute.

So he is another authority in the field if Ed Dames is former military agent and turned toward the practical use and teaching, Courtney Brown is theoretical and scientific.


  • CamaRon 3236 days ago


    The reason why I started to think about this again was that I read  the review of a new book written by

    Rupert Sheldrake ( http://www.sheldrake.org/homepage.html ), and it got me thinking...


  • JohnLast 3236 days ago

    Thank you for the link. The more and more you are digging you get aware that sooner or later with algorythmic trading you end up with intuition (with manual you are with the intuition from the very beginning).

    The big firms hiring quant PhD specialists together with high frequency infrastructure are adding more and more structural risk in the market.

    We do not fully understand how intuition works and there are traps out there, like the AOL (Analytical overlays), that means that not every picture which enters your mind is the truth. All the contrary.

    It is fun how psychic overcome this. Here in Bulgaria it is moden to associate a pain in the left arm with incoming earth quake.

    So you can program yourself to feel a pain in the arm when an imminent market crash is coming.

    That is hilarious at the first look. But at the second look it is somewhat similar with the associative remote viewing protocols. However here we have not remote viewing but remote sensing.

    Even it is more practical than the remote viewing protocols because it is in real time.



  • CamaRon 3236 days ago

    Exactly :)

    Well, I have to say that "feeling" and/or "sensing" has played a big part in my life, and more so than I would like to admit (in hindsight). I have done more "right" things going with the flow, than when I let the so-called logic be in charge.

  • jaguar1637 3231 days ago