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Running a MT4 client workstation

Hi All

I am watching strange things about the behaviour of a MT4 station on my VPS (Virtual Private Station).

I am connencdt on this VPS with RPC (MSTSC windows function)

the context is :  I am currently testing the EA squeletton with the VGC kernel, I just wrote, on a demo account. For this purpose, I put several "print " functions to display results of values.

For unknown reasons, after logging off the workstation, the print functions stopped ! It's really weird

And this function is reactivated once I logging on

If someone could explain me why ?



  • jaguar1637 2687 days ago

    I think the best is to open a local file on PC, and write directly to it:

    The print function got a flaw (in MQ4L) and does not work as expected

  • JohnLast 2687 days ago

    I have no idea why, very often regarding software you may never find the answer LOL.


  • jaguar1637 2686 days ago

    Metatrader 4 works on a 30 second session length -

    That is when there has been no trading activity for 30 seconds the "session" times out. Outside of this time any communication with the Server from the same IP address needs to be re-authenticated ie:

    Go through the Login/Password verification process. This authenticating...

    There are several different ways to make contact with the server:
    - Place a market open or close order,
    - Modify the TP or SL of an open trade,
    - Place or delete a pending order,
    - Modify the TP or SL of a pending order,
    - Try to place a market or pending order on a non-tradable pair.

    So, the key is =>  Try to place a market or pending order.

    So, in this case of behaviour (scalpel), opening a fake pending order, is mandatory

    solution is to open an pending order like this one (SELL LIMIT or BUY LIMIT sl 0.0001 , price = 99999999, TP=999999)

    This is the way  there will be no disconnection between your MT4 client and the broker (MT4 server) 

    Am i wrong or not ?