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Who will be the next pope ?

If you follow the predictions from Malachie, the next pope will be black  

we will see.

May be , is there anyone able to bet on this ?


  • vasi 3169 days ago

    I hope nobody ! Who care, they take a lot of money, they are extremlyu rich, without work.

    If someone goes at Vatican and open the eyes and the mind will understand what I say here.

    Just type the bank of Vatican IOR. A lot of money..... no work just pray.

  • jaguar1637 3169 days ago

    I was quite right, when I opened the trade, bcoz a friend of mine just showed me this



  • vasi 3169 days ago

    That link it's not working in Italy it shows this:



  • JohnLast 3168 days ago

    It is so funny you can really bet that Bono from Ireland is going to be the next pope, or Father Dougal Maguire (Craggy Island). LOL.

  • jaguar1637 3167 days ago

    Lol again on this crazy website, http://www.paddypower.com/bet/novelty-betting/current-affairs/pope-betting

    If the cardinals elect the First Black Pope, we will refund all losing bets on the Next Pope market. 

  • JohnLast 3163 days ago

    So the question is really what is going on?

  • jaguar1637 3163 days ago

    February 15, 2012, the JP Morgan informed the Holy See that the account of IOR, the Vatican Bank, at its Milan branch would be closed to the authority after March 30. The decision of the American Bank was taken because of the lack of information on strange money transfers. 1.5 billion Euros had passed on the account 18 months without justification "sweeping facility" 

    On the first of January 2013 at the request of the Bank of Italy, the International Finance initially cut the papal city electronic networks credit card before banishing the Vatican Bank SWIFT system, as it did with the Iran 

    As by magic, the day after the dismiss of the Pope (resignation), all the prohibitions fall, DAB were working again because the Swift network has been released. 


  • jaguar1637 3163 days ago

    Well, religions are too much connected w/ the economical world as political world

    so, this belongs to the old ages now