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A new platform http://pfsoft.com/#protrader-algo-studio

By jaguar1637 3201 days ago Comments (2)

Well, an new platform for ea and indicators, reachable at :  http://pfsoft.com/#protrader-algo-studio



  • zkogan 3201 days ago

    It's a VERY nice platform with the ability to even create your own synthetic symbols and trade them! I tested it a couple of weeks ago, though it has one issue for me = you cannot create synthetic symbol with negative coefficient yet, developers are working on it... Apart from that, one more problem persists: I don't know any (reliable?) brokers providing this platform.
    By the way, this software is now white-labeled by Integral, its name is Integral Power Trader :)

  • JonnoB 3147 days ago

    The platform does look good. Lets hope brokers start to adopt it.