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Confirmation of the CCI signals

I tried several ideas to confirm signals from CCi on a ranging phase.

So, a bunch of indicators was tested :

- stochastic (may be yes, may be not), RSi, ADX,ATR, PFE, and at last WPR

It seemed WPR(8)  and CCI (6) (bcoz of a tmf of 15MN and a ranging state) are quite similar.

The difficulty is to understand how to fetch both simultaneous peaks and launch at the right time, orders. Another way could be WPRsmooth

If someone could bring some light on this indic 


  • Raj Svrinisan 2647 days ago

    What do you mean by "simultaneous peaks"..? For us humans, simultaneous can be same bar, for a computer (EA) that's a world of difference.

    I am assuming you're using this for EA development. One solution for your problem is use flags.

    indi_1 triggers, sets Flag 1 to true. Then if on same bar (or next bar, whatever your range is you want), indi_2 triggers, set Flag 2 to true. 

    If both flags are true: entry signal is valid and trade taken.

    If flag 2 is not set within x bars or new bar on higher TF is opens, set both flags to false again, and the whole process will start over again....

    Makes sense mon ami?