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Welcome to NxCore

Welcome to NxCore

Welcome to the NxCore API. (NxCore is pronounced "N" Core or "'Encore").

The NxCore API is the fastest possible access to the Ultra-low latency NxCore Financial Data Stream (NxCore Feed). There are 3 basic components that were installed on your computer.


  • jaguar1637 2317 days ago

    NxCore Tape

    Each day, NxCoreAccess produces one file on your computer, an NxCore tape, which contains all the quotes and trades (and everything else) that was sent in the NxCore Feed for that day, beginning at exactly 12:00am and ending at 12:00pm Eastern Time. These tape files are stored in the [X]:\NxCoreData directories for the one or more drives (double click the 2nd cell from the right on the top bar in NxCoreAccess to configure drives). The naming convention for the NxCore Tapes is: YYYYMMDD.ABCDE.nxc

    • YYYY is the 4 digit year.
    • MM is a zero filled 2 digit month. (January is 01)
    • DD is a zero filled 2 digit day
    • ABCDE is the Permission Set -- a string of up to 5 upper case letters (typically only 2 characters are used) which identify the set of exchange permissions in your subscription. The actual characters have no meaning other than being unique from other defined Permission Sets. If two customers subscribe to the same exchange streams, they will each have the same Permission Set string of characters. Once a Permission Set is defined to identify a specific set of exchanges, it will never be changed or redefined.
    • nxc is the extension for NxCore Tape files.
  • jaguar1637 2307 days ago


    I am thinking about talking directly to those people and ask them what would be the price for fetching the previous day's data, for a penny

    Who is interested to get datas from the markets for a low price ?