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The NxCoreAPI.dll is a Dynamic Link Library that your application dynamically links with, to access the NxCore Feed. Don't worry if you have not dynamically linked to dll's before, it is a simple procedure and there are plently of working code examples so you can just cut and paste a few lines of code. The methods you use from NxCoreAPI.dll to process the NxCore Feed are collectively referred to as the NxCore API (application program interface). 

There are less than 20 functions in NxCoreAPI.dll, and only one function is required -- NxCoreProcessTape which starts the data streaming into your application. One of the parameters you pass NxCoreProcessTape is the address of one of your functions (the callback function) which will be called for each trade or quote update. Your callback function is passed two formal parameters which are pointers to fixed data structures containing the quote and trade data. Your job as an application programmer is copy the data members that you are interested in.


NxCoreAPI.dll connects to NxCoreAccess's internal memory buffers to process the real-time data stream. It can also process any NxCore tape file without the need for NxCore Access.

  • NxCoreAPI.dll does not require NxCoreAccess to process an NxCore Tape File.
  • NxCoreAccess does not require NxCoreAPI.dll to run or for any other service.