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MT4 is not a reliable platform

Someone asks a question - is MT4 from Metaquote is a reliable  plateform? the answer is NO 

We just discovered a huge bug on MT4 platform.

On a MT4, on a classic chart (EURUSD M15), we launched an EA working w/  a Dll including inside several indicators like the Digital Filter indicator, the robot was running fine

Sudennly, I realized the behavior of the robot was not expected , one trade was correctly opened, but not closed in time.

So, I launchd the DF indicator directly on the chart where the EA was running. What happened ? 

I got empty buffer for the current bar (bar =0) for the EA, and also, some weird values on the indicators running (the IFTRSI_HP) and the robot stops running as it should do.

The conclusion is : 

So, if you launch one of the indicators (executed from the Ea's Dll) to check the signals on the same chart on which the robot is running, this affects immediatly the buffers on the MT4 plateform, and the EA will loose some important buffers !! very weird, isn't it ? 

That means, it's not possible to check out if the strategy is correct or not on MT4.

For sure, this is a huge bug. So, we can say, the MT4 is definivtly not reliable

the next step will be to use another platform


  • zkogan 3128 days ago

    The best platform currently is Protrader 2. But the representatives told me "you will not be interested in brokers offering this", meaning they are all institutional. The only retail brok I know is Alior Bank, but to open an account there you should go to Poland to their office :( So Protrader is off limits now.


    Other nice platforms should be:

    JForex (Java + MQ4 converter) is nice, no hedging as I recall

    CTrader + CAlgo (C# there, no MQ4, but they are pretty similar), how's it? Trader's Way is a nice broker offering it.. Also, how's FXPro? Heard it's a great bucketshop :(

    Trader Workstation (? Read a bunch of reviews regarding stability, but Tomasso Gastaldi manages to update his grailware on TWS :) )

    Metatrader 5 (much better than 4, but has some serious issues, for example you can't get custom history in the tester etc etc)


    Any other platforms I missed?

  • zkogan 3126 days ago

    I found I think a great platform we all missed - Multicharts! It currently has free edition, supports stocks, futures, forex, all one can imagine, a lot of brokers like MBT, IB, LMAX (!), C# supported, it has portfolio backtester (!) and maybe tick history (should investigate more)..

    Gonna try it right now :)

  • jaguar1637 3126 days ago

    yep, but this platform is not free

  • zkogan 3125 days ago

    It has a free Startet .NET edition, where you can trade up to two symbols (pairtrading I think, or maybe baskets of up to 2 symbols), maybe some other minor limitations...
    The non-free versions are rather expensive, not to say more :(

  • francisfinley 3110 days ago

    what is the solution then? it seems we are fighting 2 battles. 1) to trade the market 2) to beat the broker (including software & spread) for the outcome of making pips/money.

  • jaguar1637 3110 days ago

    May be using Open Quant


  • jaguar1637 2994 days ago

    Again, I have proofs that # brokers sends # informations regarding volumes at the same time on the same pair and chart


  • jaguar1637 2984 days ago

    Regarding MT4, beware about values provided by brokers for

    - iStochastic , there are often nuts (for the current bar)