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Need to Know News

from http://www.linkedin.com/company/need-to-know-news-llc

Need to Know News (NTKN), a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Börse Group, is a fully accredited U.S. financial news agency focused on delivering fast and accurate data for algorithmic trading. NTKN supplies customers with first rate financial reports and macroeconomic news for algorithmic trading. Macroeconomic data has been proven to have a significant market impact across all asset classes and algorithmic traders can benefit immensely by being the first to react to world economic events. NTKN uses state of the art technology called AlphaFlash®, a high performance, private network, to transmit data directly from the media exclusive government lock-ups and deliver over 150 machine readable, market-moving economic indicators from the United States, Canada, Europe and most recently, Asia. NTKN, Deutsche Börse and Market News International (MNI) together developed the AlphaFlash feed to give clients an easier, seamless integration into trading algorithms. With these advances and a commitment to being the fastest, Need to Know News is becoming an emerging force within today’s trading forum. For more information, please visit: www.ntkn.com or view our economic indicators, please visit: http://www.ntkn.com/cal