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Rainwoods Tick Chart Indicator and free trial

Hi guys, I got an invitation from rainwood for a free tool

Feel free to check out this here : http://www.rwtickchart.com/freetrial.htm

I you want to buy the indicator : http://www.rwtickchart.com/purchase.htm

License Type Price Description
30-day License 8 USD  or 
You will be able to use the indicator for 30 days. After 30 days your username and password will expire and the indicator will stop working unless you purchase another subscription
365-day License 39 USD  or 
31 EUR
Use RainWood's Tick Chart indicator for 365 days then decide if you want to purchase another subscription
Full License 59 USD  or 
47 EUR
Use RainWood's Tick Chart indicator without any time limitation


  • jaguar1637 3930 days ago

    A few questions  (our team composed by members from BTS is going to test your indicator )

    - Is it possible to get value from this indicator from a iCustom function ?

    - How to set up a  logic w/ this kind of indicator ?

    - Is it possible to apply the Hodrick Prescott function on the ticks line and draw it ?

  • rwtc 3926 days ago

    Officially iCustom function is not supported in the current version of the tick chart indicator. However it's possible that you can get High and Low value from the buffers.

    If you mean strategy by 'logic', you can use any strategy with this indicator that you use with price charts. Tick chart also show price action the difference is in the time factor. You can read more about tick charts here: http://www.rwtickchart.com/tickcharts.htm

    The current version of the indicator has only MA built-in. Later versions of the indicator may support offline charts as well where you can add your own indicators.

  • jaguar1637 3926 days ago

    Well perfect.

    Another question : - How many ticks per second can you fetch w/ this program ?

  • rwtc 3919 days ago

    The indicator uses data feed from MT4, so it uses all the ticks MetaTrader 4 gets from the broker. However it is important to point out that the number of ticks MT4 receives changes from broker to broker.

  • jaguar1637 3918 days ago

    We need to fetch the ticks and Volume from Level 2 in aim to build a strategy based on ticks

  • rwtc 3872 days ago

    New version of RW Tick Chart indicator has been released.

    Here is what's new in version 1.10:

    • improved tick data collection and saving method - when changing tick chart the indicator now uses the already collected tick data to create the new tick chart. The old version just emptied the tick chart and started tick data collection from the beginning.
    • indicator now supports offline charts as well - now you can add many MT4 built-in and custom indicators to the tick chart
    • backtesting speed improved in MT4 Strategy Tester - there is an option in the tick chart indicator settings to enable Fast Mode during backtesting an Expert Advisor
    • now a second Moving Average line can be added to the tick chart in indicator window

    Learn more at www.rwtickchart.com

  • rwtc 3724 days ago

    Version 1.13 of RW Tick Chart indicator is now available:

    Here is what's new in v1.13:

    • Bollinger Bands - option has been added to display Bollinger Bands on tick chart in indicator window
    • Heiken-Ashi - Heiken-Ashi can be applied to tick chart in indicator window
    • Offline tick charts now have current time/date scale - offline tick charts have been changed to display real time and date as a result of new MT4 builds supporting this feature
    • Tick chart time hour offset - hour offset for the tick chart in indicator window can now be changed
    • minor improvements and optimizations...

    Learn more at www.rwtickchart.com

  • JohnLast 3721 days ago

    Very good it is worth sharing. I shared this information on facebook aswell.

  • rwtc 3688 days ago

    Version 1.14 of RW Tick Chart indicator is now out.

    What's new in v1.14:

    • improved tick data loading - last weeks tick data can also be displayed with the most current tick data
    • time lines and time labels with more options - additional selectable time periods (5, 10 and 15 minute) have been added
    • offline tick charts now refresh at every tick - offline tick chart auto-refresh can be set to occur at every tick, every 5th tick or at every tick candle close
    • minor optimizations and enhancements


  • rwtc 3550 days ago

    Version 1.15 of RW Tick Chart indicator is out.

    New features in version 1.15:

    • real-time moving price line - a moving price line can be added to the tick chart (in MT4 indicator window) showing the current price only or both Bid and Ask prices
    • tick chart based on Bid, Ask or Mid price - select which price you would like to use as base of tick chart
    • 1-minute option for time lines and time labels - time lines and time labels can now be displayed at every minute (in earlier versions 5 minutes was the minimum time between two time lines)
    • 1-pip option for horizontal grid lines - horizontal grid lines can now have as little as 1 pip distance between them (in earlier versions 5 pips was the minimum distance between grid lines)



  • rwtc 3367 days ago

    RW Tick Chart v1.16 has been released.


    Here is what's new in version 1.16:

    • additional indicators:    some MT4 built-in indicators (Stochastics, MACD, CCI and RSI) have been modified so that they are now in sync with the tick chart in the indicator window. By adding these indicators to the main chart (where RW Tick Chart indicator is already present) they will show values based on the tick chart
    • trendline support:    RW Tick Chart indicator has been modified to be more 'trendline friendly' - i.e. trendlines added to the tick chart in the indicator window will now move in sync with the tick chart
    • history tick data download:    RW Tick Chart is now able to download history tick data from 3rd party data provider. This feature can be enabled or disabled and may be a help for those traders who don't want to run their computer 24/7 to collect tick data
  • jaguar1637 3354 days ago


    Tell me how the datas (price_close) made by 70 ticks bars can be fetched and transferted inside an EA ?

  • rwtc 3255 days ago

    You can query the candle objects properties from MQL code and use it in the EA. 

  • rwtc 3255 days ago

    New version of RW Tick Chart indicator has been released.

    Here is what's new in version 1.17:

    additional indicators: besides the tick chart based indicators released in the last version (Stochastics, MACD, CCI and RSI) we have added tick chart based versions of Williams %R, Momentum and Standard Deviation indicator

    button added to open offline chart: if offline tick charts are enabled, a button will be shown in the indicator window which makes it easier to open the corresponding offline tick chart

    optimizations and bugfixes since the last version


  • jaguar1637 3250 days ago

    an explanation is given here => https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=280&v=UYi1szS91UQ


    also, using ticks is better than using charts


  • rwtc 3084 days ago

    New version of RW Tick Chart indicator has become available.


    Here is what's new in version 1.18:

    • automatic copy of main chart trendlines to tick chart:  if enabled, the trendlines on the main chart will be copied to the tick chart
    • alert when MAs cross:  sound and alert window notifications can be enabled for the case when the two built-in Moving Averages cross
    • open trades visible on tick chart:  current open trades are marked on the tick chart with open price, stop loss and take profit lines (the same way as they appear on the main chart)
    • Accelerator added as additional indicator:  tick chart based Accelerator indicator has been added to the downloadable indicator package
    • history tick data download improved:  more than 1 month of history tick data can be downloaded for the tick chart



  • rwtc 3023 days ago

    We have released a new version of RW Tick Chart indicator and also prepared a new demonstration video:



  • jaguar1637 3015 days ago

    OK thanks I just bought a full license

    All the best

  • jaguar1637 3015 days ago

    Unfortunately using of function iCustom() with RW Tick Chart indicator is not supported since RW tick Chart is much more complex then the MT4 built-in indicators.

    So you have two options:


    1. the easier way is to use offline tick charts and add the EA to the offline tick chart. Then you can use the standard functions like Open[], Close[], High[], Low[] and Time[] to get the values similar as it is done on the standard charts


    2. the more complex way is to get the tick candle values by querying the drawn objects in the indicator window. This way you don't need to use offline tick charts. Here is how to do it:

    First you have to add RW Tick Chart indicator to a main chart and keep in mind how many ticks a candle contains (e.g. a 133-tick chart contains 133, a 233-tick chart contains 233). This is defined in the 'Number of ticks per candle' setting of RW Tick Chart indicator.

    So the current (unfinished) tick candle's name on a 133-tick chart would be "RW-133-tick_CandleBody0"

    The last (finished) tick candle's name on a 233-tick chart would be "RW-233-tick_CandleBody1"

    The indicator ID can somewhat modify this naming convention. If the indicator ID is set to a non-zero value (e.g. to '74', default is '0') then the name format will change to "RW-233-tick-ID74_CandleBody1"

    According to the above statements here is how to get the OHLC values in your MQL code for the last finished candle:

    double openprice=ObjectGet("RW-233-tick_CandleBody1",OBJPROP_PRICE1);

    double closeprice=ObjectGet("RW-233-tick_CandleBody1",OBJPROP_PRICE2);

    double lowprice=ObjectGet("RW-233-tick_CandleWick1",OBJPROP_PRICE1);

    double highprice=ObjectGet("RW-233-tick_CandleWick1",OBJPROP_PRICE2);


    Getting the Open Price value for the current (unfinished) candle would look like:

    double openprice=ObjectGet("RW-233-tick_CandleBody0",OBJPROP_PRICE1);


    Getting the Last Price value for the current candle if the indicator ID is set to 74:

    double lastprice=ObjectGet("RW-233-tick-ID74_CandleBody0",OBJPROP_PRICE2);


    For candle open time you need to open the settings of RW Tick Chart indicator and set 'Add time value to tick candle description' to 'TRUE'. Then you can use the following code to get the candle open time:

    datetime opentime=StrToTime(ObjectDescription("RW-233-tick_CandleBody1"));


  • jaguar1637 3014 days ago

    Q\ regarding indicators
    A\ No, those are different. For those indicators you could try iCustom function:

    tickchartRSI = iCustom(NULL,0,"RWTC.RSI",0,"",14,0,i); // where 14 is period of RWTC-RSI and 'i' is the shift of tick candle
    tickchartWilliams = iCustom(NULL,0,"RWTC.Williams-pR",0,"",14,0,i);
    tickchartStochMain = iCustom(NULL,0,"RWTC.Stochastic",0,"",5,3,3,0,i);
    tickchartStochSignal = iCustom(NULL,0,"RWTC.Stochastic",0,"",5,3,3,1,i);

    However please be careful and use this for your own risk as we didn't test this functionality thoroughly. I just did a quick test now and it seems to work OK.

  • rwtc 2679 days ago

    RW Tick Chart v1.20 has been released and it is already available for customers.

    The new version contains more added options for offline tick chart updating and some other optimizations.



  • rwtc 2301 days ago

    Trade the price action using tick charts

    Use RW Tick Chart indicator on MT4 platform and watch the tick chart in MT4 indicator window or add your custom indicators to offline tick charts



  • jaguar1637 2256 days ago

    very good