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Backup your current metatrader directory.

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By albert 3140 days ago Comments (7)

Seems that metaquotes will release a "new" version ot mt4, and that's trully shit.

Here's the news :

The next build of Metatrader will NOT BE COMPATIBLE with a lot of scripts, including these tools.
Make a backup copy of your Metatrader directory NOW for preparation of the next release (Always a good idea, look at the recent compiler issue). Here is the news release from their website:

A New Metatrader 4 Build Will Not Be Compatible

It seems that the build 509 is the last build in the current development branch. And I guess it remains to be the only available for the next couple of months.

The new build(s) is currently in beta testing phase and it comes with completely replaced scripting engine and compiler. Though it claims backward compatibility, the compatibility applies only to the pure MQL4 scripts, which were compiled by any of the previous compilers. The new compiler won't compile the recent source files (mq4).

The directory structure changed as well, so indicators and scripts are now merged into a MQL4 folder.

Unfortunately, users of RangeBar, RenkoBar, TickBar and MeanrenkoBar will not be able to use the currently downloaded indicators with the new build.