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New MT4 is coming ! Be prepared ...

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By albert 3413 days ago Comments (3)

Hello all,

The launch of their new MT4 is fixed on the 3rd february.

Lots of things change, here are the 2 majors :

- The internal structure of folders (like MT5), your platform will reboot and it will take time, your old platform will be converted to the new. Now your indicators are in : Users\<data_folder>\MQL4\

- For those working on offline charts, your indicators who produce renkos etc. must be updated, have a look here : 


We say a big THANK YOU to our habitual GURU !


If all things are good, you just have to replace the renkos, offline charts experts, indicators. All your already existed indicators will be converted.

If it works don't touch, and don't try to recompile old indicators with new compiler.

And made a backup of your folders, just in case ...

Good luck, you can also pray Raptor Jesus !



  • JohnLast 3412 days ago

    Everything complicated with dll stuff appears will have issues. Simple stuff will work fine.

    Quid about SSA end-pointed. However I am quite confident that good angel coders will solve the problem, I think this stuff becomes part of the core tools many are used to.

  • albert 3412 days ago

    Hello guys, 

    Yesterday i updated one of my laptop, and all went good. I just need to replace my renkos indicators.

    BUT : my install wasn't in C:program Files. 

    Because with windows (7 and 8), if you install on C:program files there could be security windows problem for writing new indicators with the new MT4.

    So it is a good idea and very simple : you copy your entire folder of MT4 install in another partition.

    If you have problem with your install of C:program files, so you update the other partition.


    I was told in another forum that the SSA with its dll will work with New MT4. Just try to not recompile with the new compilator.