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metatraderprogrammer.com a new company

Great work from Zoltan Laszlo Ferenci (Project Manager )

His company is able to deliver expert advisors development

- you have to provide him a logic based on indicators or/and barrs and Zoltan will program your expert advisor


  • jaguar1637 3722 days ago

    I received an email from him bcoz he found a way to confirm if an indicator is repainting or not


    Hi john,

    Few months earlier, I promised that I will send you a gift. Now I want to make up for the gap.

    My gift for you: Antirepaint

    What is this?

    It's a tool to determine whether an indicator is repainting and to show it's real preformance.

    What is a repainting indicator?

    In short, the repainting indicators repaint the candles earlier than current candle. For example if you have an arrow indicator, it may draw an arrow on a highest high when that high was already 10 candles before.

    About Antirepaint

    If you are a forex trader, probably you have met many repainting indicators. As a programmer I meet them every week, that is sad. Very sad. Why? Because if you are not aware of the repainting nature of an indicator, it can make much bigger harm than revenue. But anyway many people don't want to throw the indicator that they bought for good money.

    This is why I wanted to create a tool with that you can determine the real performance of the indicator that is repainting. The result of this is Antirepaint. This is an indicator that will load your repainting indicator and will show you the real performance (non-repainting) in side with the fake performance (repainting), so you can see the difference.

    When can Antirepaint be useful for you?

    • If you want to determine if an indicator is repainting
    • If you know about an indicator that it's repainting, and you want to decide if it worth to trade with, or not.
    • If you want to use the indicator despite it's repainting, but want to see it's real performance while you are trading.
    • If you have an EA, or want to make an EA, you can also use antirepaint to test the EA, and even the EA can use Antirepaint's non-repainting line to use for the rules.

    Will this make the repainting indicator to performance better?

    Unfortunately no. But you will have a clearer picture about it's performance so you can decide whether you want to use, and how you want to use it.

    You can download the Antirepaint on the link below:


    I hope it will be useful for you.

    Watch my emails in the future, because I have more useful information and useful software for you in my plans.

    Ferenci Zoltán László 
    Project Manager

    Dynamic Programming Solutions Corporation 
    MetaTraderProgrammer website 

  • jaguar1637 3722 days ago

    List of actions proposed by Zoltan


    Expert Advisors

    An expert advisor, or EA, is able to perform trading operations, and is sometimes used for an almost fully automated trading system. An EA can also be used to assist a human trader in many ways, in order to maximize profits. If you are looking for a software that can help you with a lot of complex trading tasks while trading, then an EA is what you need.

    We can surely help you formulate your trading ideas and turn them into expert advisors. We can also assist you in optimizing and backtesting in order to determine the best parameters and time frames for the software. We provide expert solutions in bridging the gap between manual and automated trading solutions that allow you trade with confidence.

    Sample MA Cross EA has many features that you may consider incuding into your own EA. You may get a feel how we work.

    Program Modification

    If you have an EA or an indicator and have the source, we can modify and customize it to fit your needs. Also consider that sometimes it is simpler to make the same software from scratch.

    Commercial Use

    Once the project has been completed and paid in full, you will earn the rights for the software, including its source code. You are free to use or even sell the program.


    We pledge to hold your trading system in confidence. We will not resell your expert advisor, nor will we publish your system specifications. Receipt of your system specifications or other intellectual property by us will effectively constitute a non-disclosure agreement