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today i looked at oandas trader sentiment ,and saw that 45% are now long from 35% 2days ago

i went to check the charts for the current price to see if i can short it,and the price was at whopping 1.38 ,down from 1,40 the last time i saw it,in oandas sentiment,retail bids at 1.40,and 1.39 have overun shorts,

that just shows that we are the ultimate loosers in this game

im aware that people close their positions ,but that would make it just equeal to shorts then,or maybe longs were higher,but we always get caught in the net,the uninformed bunch

hmm,why do we always get caught in this,what attracts most traders to trigger such bad decisions,a moving average a stochastic signal?if u know please post it,since im looking for the most used indicator in the retail world,we find it and we go against the grain,


ps.if any of ur are members of forexfactory,open a thread and ask people what their favourite indicator is ,so we can try them all,lol i bet all of them will post it,showing off the top indies



  • JohnLast 3892 days ago
    От 23 септември 2011


    Well if you look at the COT report you will know that most of the large speculaters are short. And all that recent up trend was against their positions and they have a hug open interest. 

    Anybody can loose in this game small or big speculator.


  • londontrader 3892 days ago

    commericials are proven to loose since they are faking damn,but large traders have gotten  it more right

  • JohnLast 3892 days ago

    In fact as I understand the commercials are hedging and are going against what they think the pair will go. There is a book about COT, the book is called. Trade Stocks & Commodities with the Insiders: secrets of the COT report. The book is written by Larry Williams