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  • High-Frequency Fight Starts in Foreign Exchange

High-Frequency Fight Starts in Foreign Exchange

By albert 3734 days ago Comments (1)

Hello guys,

Again some old news, but very interesting :


A currency-dealing platform known as ParFX, established in 2011 by firms from Deutsche Bank AG to Citigroup Inc., was approached last month by banks asking if its technology could be applied to other asset classes, Chief Executive Officer Dan Marcus said. The system works by pausing trades at random to prevent dealers with high-powered computers from jumping in front of investors and gaining an advantage.


  • JohnLast 3719 days ago

    This is very interesting. It was expected and easy to predict as a logical counter-measure from the dealers. Well, we were talking about this stuff long before the topic was really public.

    High Frequency Star Wars will be part of dealer's life from now on.