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Delicate Levels

Please, check out this link : http://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=478671

The world of forex-trading is governed by information. The one who has access to the right information at the right time and can process them quickly will normally be ahead of the pack. It is also a world full of people who don't try hard to survive but sell their organs everyday. I have seen many people post systems here and some will attck you if you don't give out your indicator. What you don't understand is that: it is better to click buy/sell without the next person knowing exactly why you bought/sold. That make it impossible for anyone to know exactly how you will react to market conditions.

Some of you will say, "it does not matter. The big boys don't care about you." That is silly. In fact, they really care about you. Your collective failures add up to their collective gains. The more they know about other players, small or large, the better their .......

So, in this thread I am not going to give you an indicator. But, I am going to show you that no matter how random the market looks, not matter how difficult your trading is, there is an underlying truth that exists. I will show it in pictures. It is up to you to look at the market differently and if you can uncover the truth for yourself, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.
Don't waste your time trying to teach others because they will only end you calling you names.

SO, what is this fact. I have been in this industry for a while and my background is 90% technical and 10% fundamental. On the pictures, posted below, are two indicators. One orange and the other white. The law I managed to uncover is really really deep but in simple terms can be stated as follows.

When an orange arrow appears on a bar, up/down : usually price will work it way back to hit a level above/below the high/low of the bar.

I will show you that this principle worked correctly for many months on the 4hr chart. It is amazing!

Before you think this concept was discovered after one day in the industry then you are wrong. It is a product of many efforts. I just want to show you, all is not lost. Look hard and you will see what is hidden. I don't need to know your idea.

I can go on and post the past 10 years data and the result will be the same. I guess you got the idea. If you have a solid idea, I will not advice you to post the indicator or mathematics here. Rather you can give your idea of where the market will go and add the probability of success. 

Indicators only play into the hands of people ready to insult you or those ready to trade against the signal your indicator provided. Keep the key reason to yourself.


  • Patrick 3648 days ago

    Hi Everyone, 

    I am new here, I ve found this fantastic website after following a discussion on FF and to be honest so far I am really struggling with the theory behind all the indis and digital filters developped on beathespread.

    I am testing the levels indicated on the thread pointed by Jaguar with pending orders within 20 pips of this levels on 4H timeframe and so far it is a 100% hit. Although I don't have enough data yet, it s looking quite good.

    On my data feed, since May 2011 only 17 levels remain uncleared on this timeframe.


  • richterzoo 3645 days ago

    Wow! Also found this blog a few weeks ago. Thanks so much jaguar1637.