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eurusd and gbpusd are heavily shorted by oandians

does that mean we will see a bullmarket

and i hear news that the referendum is off



  • londontrader 3889 days ago

    a romanian trader on ff,(i think u might know him john) adal

    hes on the orderflow thread

    ye,am hes built some good ordeflow ea,in which he always goes against oandians

    i havent seen it,but it sounds pretty good

    he also includes things such as barrier options and other things in play,how great would be if we had a news ea,faken

    i heard the best ea's took years to develop


  • JohnLast 3889 days ago

    That is a traditional use of the orders ratio, it is the same as overbough and oversold. It is explained by Oanda itself, Dukaskopy are giving the same interpretations. 

    The reason is not that the retail orders are giving by themselves the direction of the market.

    According to Olsen in his blog, the reason is the so called passive nerd. If everybody is in the same direction, and we know for sure that 99 % of those positions are speculative. We know that they have stops. And very often those stops are at pretty much the same place. And if they are hit, there is a domino effect, and the fundamentals are turned upside down.

    The reality according to Olsen is that when the intraday trends develops but most of the time everybody is against it.   


  • JohnLast 3889 days ago

    I mean now the markets are particularly difficult and nervous. That is why I am not using currently the extrapolations methods.

    Am I going to do an extrapolation of the Greek prime minister ideas and secret agenda?

    Is a neural net built for that task? I think No.

  • londontrader 3889 days ago

    what the hell is teh extrapolations 

  • londontrader 3889 days ago

        it rhimes to gov ministers without a porfolio,haha,thats actually a minister position in serbia,haha,so useless                                                                                                                                               can u link to olsen saying that? ,...u know i was watching a congressional hearing of goldman sachs,they were charged about 250million,because they recommended mortgage securities to their customers which lost their customers money at which goldman was the counterparty to,congress said that they ran a ponzi scheme to defraud their customers,goldman replied back: we were a marketmaker ,our job was to provide luqidity in the market and keep it in balance                                                   haha sounds like a big dark joke ,thats what forex market is  a big decentralised bucked shop,all the brokers advertise how ur gonna get rich trading,drive a ferrari get hot blondes,and have fun,while they are the counter party to all ur trades                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        i dont understand ur question?

  • londontrader 3889 days ago

    u mean is the market pricing in the current turmoil

  • londontrader 3889 days ago

    well when they are informed ,it is ,when they are not its not priced in,


    u know at the aud rate announcement,everyone knew that the rba was gonna lower interest rates,but the market didnt go down all until the actual announcement

    then the annoucement came it went lower 30 pips 

    i thought evryone was going  to sell aud,even before the announcement

    but suprisingly it was able to withstand the pressure

  • JohnLast 3889 days ago

    For extrapolations this is the red line coming out from the BPNN extrapolator and the BPNN neural net. Those are indicators that learn the past data and based on the past data extrapolate what the future would be. 


    The market dyamics is something very complex. Still it is a way to profit from the markets. Because there are some people who do it. However it is not easy as 95 % are loosing. 

    But the people I know who are profitable are quantitative traders (both technical and fundamental). They want to measure everything. 

    "forex market is a big decentralised bucked shop

    Well anyway I invite you to look at the things from other perspective: when you open a position it is according to a contract (you have a contract between your broker and you, and every positions is a contract by itself). 

    Every single time you click on the buttons you make contracts. And even if it is a bucket shop the contract is real. And that is why you need to use regulated brokers.

    I mean a lot of people are loosing the legal perspective. And the legal prespective is that you have a contract between you and the broker, and that is valid about every position. Even it is a bucket shop the contract is real. 

    The question is how the contract is executed, enforced, regulated etc.



  • londontrader 3889 days ago

    iye sure ,it is very complex,it can only take a true master to figure it out

    thaTS WHY u gotta go with heavily regulated brokers and stay away from avafx and cyprus as far as possible


  • londontrader 3889 days ago

    ok i get what ur talking about trendfollowing,yea thats right,this aint the sort of market for trends ,if u want trends just trade (i sent ya in a message)

  • JohnLast 3889 days ago

    And in the contracts you sign there are some clauses that are very dark indeed.

    I will start maybe a new group how to handle a conflict with the broker.


  • londontrader 3889 days ago