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My analysis of GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. (GCAP) (forex.com)

My analysis of GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. (GCAP) (forex.com)

i did some research into gain,(forex.com) and it looks like their acuasitions funding comes from retained earning,they pay no dividends,their share price has fallen ,from 10-5 since the ipo,http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/q?s=GCAP
their report seems smooth
with them keeping all their earnings
they got high accounts payable,usually when u put money in the banks they put it in accounts payable as thats the money they owe us,since we deposited with them,when the deposit u see a credit,a credit is when u have less money in the bank account,its credit because they show us the bank statement from their perspective,when we deposit into a bank,that means they owe us that money so thats put in the payable account,thats why gain has a huge ACPAYABLE,they owe us money
their debt looks pretty low too,
earning of 76m,all retained
hm,they got 200m in cash,trading money,i reckon they get liqidity from other banks too,maybe
not just market making,but looks like we have a pretty big number of loosers here,hehe

well that was all from 2010
its 8% owned by paul tudor jones(the legendary investor) hedge fund,


  • londontrader 3317 days ago

    from 2009 to 2010 their debt decreased by 80m,with all the money they raised,their profits also increased around 50m ,with all the money us traders lost to them

  • JohnLast 3317 days ago

    This fundamenal research company by company appears really a lot of work to me. Don't you think that the time we have this information the market has already consumed it and it is in the past. Well this is one of the greatest debates even. However if you want a long term inventment this is a must, but my experience is close to zero in this kind of investment.



  • londontrader 3317 days ago

    i think their ipo was over valued,but they sure do make heaps of money,from uninformed gamlers,i lost about 200 dollars to them in 2009

    but their profits are rising,traders are rising esp from asia,and chinese are the wordls biggest gamblers,and thats a fact not just me saying it,they are acquirin new companies ibfx,and all those marketmakers,with their retained earnings,so thats growth,i think their price dropped cause of the current market,esverything dfalling,they were overvalued then,plus majorly they pay no dividend and their stock fell,people gout out and panicked,more sold,no one wants to buy a company which gives no dividends,except the ones who know true value,like tudor



  • londontrader 3317 days ago

    but true value also means a rising stock price,i reckon the best time to buy it would be when the market collapses,thats when greece defaults and then in 2 years its americas turn to say where they stand

    if they can pay off the loans or not,but greece is selling everything and laying of people ,which is really hard to start off an economic recovery like that

  • londontrader 3317 days ago

    so what i would do i wait more,adn buy when its low,like the russian stocks now,there market is down who knows how,double lower than the usa,their price/earnings is pretty low too 



    sberbank's dividend is crap as,yielding like 2%

    which is low

    i mean the company is 50% gov owned,so as long as they keep paying the 12% or so corporate tax in russia,russian gov is getting a 14% on its return unlike the private investors with only 2%

  • JohnLast 3316 days ago

    I had once a telephone talk with a trader who was trading only ipo with great success. 

  • londontrader 3316 days ago

    acquisitions are interesting too,heaps of buyers see it then start buying the company thats gonna get acquired

    have u ever heard of pump and dumps

    like penny stocks


  • Jack1 3293 days ago

    UBS's Geoffrey Yu is one of the best anaysts at moment.

    Hear his talk. http://www.efxnews.com/video/ubs-schneider-fx-euro-outlook?tab=