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What really works?

I have been into forex for 4 years. I am on all of the forums going, but guess what? I have found very, very little that works for me.

My favourite manual system is the synergy advanced system which is a commercial system - this says a lot of things...

All of the forums are stale from my perspective with nothing fresh on tsd / ff - or its that i just dont spend as much time researching forums.

I have a server and do a lot of work on there with my core indicators I like to use and every so often introduce something new or something I have used in the past and try to get it working or improve it.

My current project is going back to the fxcorrelator - which John has picked up on.. Ive spent a lot of time with this indie!

Over the last few weeks my regular indicator core just hasnt performed, hence I ask what really works?  


  • francisfinley 2921 days ago

    Here is some EA's i am working with and testing right now.

    EURCHF - john & camaron has a thread here on this site - this was done by a bulgarian guy - anyway all the info is there....

    Here are steve hopwood eas that i am looking at.

    the beast
    NB v5 EA

    Please add manual or automated systems that actually work to this page! 

  • CamaRon 2920 days ago

    There is one single thing that will always work - 

    JP's fractal bands, set at the default 30/30/2.0

    Used with supply/demand levels, when price pops outside the deviations ( on any timeframe), price will turn (or retrace). Works in ranging or trending situations. It's the swiss army knife of indicators.

  • CamaRon 2920 days ago

    So what we need now, is a monitor that watches all time frames, and alerts when price pops outside.


  • francisfinley 2920 days ago

    another nothing works thread


  • francisfinley 2920 days ago

    (fractalband1, 1 , setting, setting2, 0)

    (fractalband5, 5 , setting, setting2, 0)

    (fractalband15, 15 , setting, setting2, 0)

    (fractalband30, 30 , setting, setting2, 0)

    (fractalband60, 60 , setting, setting2, 0) 

    (fractalband240, 240 , setting, setting2, 0)

  • francisfinley 2919 days ago

    i am trying to post.... you select the bands and tf's you want then just say if bid > them then sell.

  • francisfinley 2919 days ago

    ive been reviewing the EA's that work on http://www.stevehopwoodforex.com

  • francisfinley 2919 days ago

    it keeps deleting what i write.

  • JohnLast 2918 days ago

    This is a lot of work to create something like this.

    Despite the long code it is easy to see that it uses the common indicators. Exponential smoothing for example. (Too long codes are not particularly at my taste. I prefer sometging simple I can apprehend.)

    Guess what we can make easily digital mods. 

    But if you find anything usefull please let us know.


  • JohnLast 2918 days ago

    I think that the real knowledge is not to find the system that works.

    The real knowledge is to know how to make any system to work. 


  • francisfinley 2917 days ago

    well very little is working for most well versed retail traders.
    most things getting fucked because of central bank intervention.

    Things for me that previously didnt work now work and things that did work dont work - or its the improvement in my system design and adaptation.

    Im working on that model of trend, counter trend and range all in one with an market type identifier mechanism in between.

    I think its coming down to very very few indicators to be used. I have even ripped out my core to accomodate just a few indicators.

    interesting times... 3 terminals full of gems atm... lets see if they continue to be gems.

  • francisfinley 2915 days ago

    Going to put my DAX bots back to live status.
    EURUSD testing still nowhere near as good as the DAX results.

    USDCHF fairly stable but 1/3rd of profit of DAX bots.

  • francisfinley 2911 days ago

    here is one of my charts to show this nonsense can be automated.

    but for how long will it work? imageimage

  • JohnLast 2911 days ago

    It will work as long as the market conditions stay the same. It is up to you to make the estimation. For me as I look very carefull at the equity line and I make kind of a technical analysis on it. If I see that the upward trend is broken and going down for me that is a good indication that things have to be reconsidered.


  • francisfinley 2911 days ago

    Well I will monitor it and check for the change in vibration/frequency/length of cycle/volatility whatever you want to call it....

    then introduce a mechanism to switch from that system into a system that works on that market.

    i think there are more than enough subtle changes in trend alone to send a systems developer mad...

    however nothing is impossible as this chart proves.

  • francisfinley 2903 days ago

    This is something that is working right now. You should have a look at it, at least.

    Its been around for sometime and i can see why they made a stab at automating it. Manually it is shit hot.

    Most importantly, it is working in both conditions. Range and Trend.

    read all of these - they have been round for a year and a half - stick it all on one chart and then use that mashup manually for a few days and see what i mean.


    the whole idea is you are splitting the market into hi and lo and buffers in sixths.
    if it gets into an oversold condition ( classic stoch idea) you are selling. I have used the fibs to get into a zone whereby when stongly trending it doesnt kill you, when ranging you are sufficiently far enough out you dont get fucked either.

    have a look. i wish i did earlier.

  • JohnLast 2903 days ago

    Very well tahnk you francis, I think that SteveHopwood did a very good job on Forex Factory. 


  • JohnLast 2902 days ago

    When the new moon comes the euro will come up.


  • francisfinley 2885 days ago

    Greetings, here is a round up of steve hopwoods most subscribed EA's



    So what am I working on? aside from cooking lunch I am still trying to automate the beast in my own shell. Its difficult as some indicator values are current (0) whereas some others you are looking up to 15 bars back.

    Other EA's I have running are looking at channels and OS/OB stuff they are making a steady profit.

  • JohnLast 2883 days ago

    Marry Christmas francis.

    How are the results of the EAs on forward tests? The forum is pretty interesting. I have found one very interesting article to which I would like to write a review. 

    Do you know why those guys got banned from Forex Factory I mean  Steve Hopwoods?

    I mean do you know the story, because I think they are big contributors and I just do not understand why they get banned.

  • francisfinley 2883 days ago

    These 2 look good - there is a lot of stuff on the site already - gday is a simple stochastic idea on the daily. Forex robot is a combo of sixths (the beast) and other - its exactly what i have been trying to do and still am - i want to use my own shell.

    As for banned its because the inevitable happened - steve wanted to charge for his time in the form of donations - twee then moved it to the commercial section - you can guess what happened from there.

    in any case there are big questions being made from the more seasoned forum dwellers - new ideas and numbers have dived. The forums have ground to a halt and everything is stale. I think people have realised forex is just a self made market perpetuated by bullshit and the only real winners are the big boys and scammers. The retail guy cannot win.

    That said i made some money and am currently travelling.... you can win here and there... I will try to keep the posts going as to what I find working instead of the usual crap and having to trawl forums for junk....

  • JohnLast 2883 days ago
    От Technical Analysis

    forex is just a self made market perpetuated by bullshit and the only real winners are the big boys and scammers

    I think that big boys are loosing too when the big drow down comes. I had posted a film you know it is quite long but there are some very interesting information.

    The guy explains how when everything is fine the system makes profit and the hedge fund managers take their big commissions, but inevitably there is a drow down and then the hedge fund menagers does not loose, only the investors. By the way it is not that difficult to desing systems with those kind of characteristics, inf fact every system with very, very, high pourcentage of winners is almost 100 % sure that will end with a black swan event. 




  • francisfinley 2882 days ago

    Donnaforex top 5 ea's 2011

    1. millon dollar pips

    2. Wallstreet

    3. forex combo

    4. megadroid

    5. master scalper



    Birts EA review top 5

    Oddbot 8 20.82% 399.8 10.36% 1.74:1 92.45% 2.67% 5.17% 102.6 1.26 7.04 5.55 Oddbot
    Million Dollar Pips EURUSD 20 387.16% 2164.7 38.89% 0.67:1 57.89% 15.07% 15.07% 78.8 7.38 2.05 4.29 Million Dollar Pips EURUSD
    Smart FX Master Scalper 8 21.81% 1746.4 10.63% 3.03:1 82.99% 8.07% 8.07% 234.1 12.88 1.61 1.65 Smart FX Master Scalper
    Forex Combo System 18 23.73% 1328.7 5.13% 1.09:1 59.21% 8.62% 8.62% 115.5 2.48 1.33 1.47 Forex Combo System
    Forex Flow 5 7.57% 314.0 5.84% 0.43:1 62.50% 0.83% 3.76% 229.3 2.67 3.88 1.44 Forex Flow
    Forex Combo System EURUSD 66 51.92% 2322.0 2.73% 1.21:1 60.20% 11.27% 11.27% 100.0 1.53 1.25 1.36 Forex Combo System EURUSD