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hacking from traders

As you should know, not only this website has been hacked, but also, my computer too, and several times.

I lost all my development platform and worse, my lastest experts for you


  • jaguar1637 803 days ago

    These hackers allegedly stole insider info to make big trades


    A group of financial fraudsters worked with foreign hackers to access unpublished press releases and trade on the information therein, federal authorities said Tuesday.

    The U.S.-based traders worked with Eastern European computer hackers to target press release distribution companies in a scheme that netted over $100 million in ill-gotten gains. Nine people have been arrested in the case, The New York Times reports.

    This kind of stock-trading cybercrime has become a growing problem for law enforcement. In November, the cybersecurity firm FireEye  FEYE -2.82%  published a report on a group that has been targeting pharmaceutical and health care executives in order to get ahold of confidential information, likely for an illegal edge in the markets.

    The latest incident appears to echo a 2005 case against an Estonian financial services firm called Lohmus Haavel & Viisemann, the Wall Street Journal notes. That group, which also stole press releases electronically, made off with nearly $8 billion before settling with the SEC for $14 million in the end.

    At least six government agencies—the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. attorney’s offices in Brooklyn and New Jersey—will bring the charges against the group, the Journal reports

  • jaguar1637 803 days ago

    So, I am wandering if this website which was based at the beginning to help people to understand how works new mathematical stuff to definitvly close it, due to the fact, again and again, some traders pay hackers to steal all code data, (w/o understanding them)

    I am seill shocked  by chinese scientists who have written a paper about QPSO, about quantum Particule Swarm Optimisation (in fact, it was the work of John last and myself)

    and now, my computer is also under deep attacks. 

    I was obliged to install a Linux distro (Sabayon based on Gentoo) and work w/ Wine directly on a MT4 platform.

    When I transferd my files w/ dropBox to my VPS? in aim to bactest those files on real accounts, I suddenlt realized, all my recent work was destroyed..... and the transfered files that got the same names were just  BS

  • albert 794 days ago

    I'm really sorry for you.

    As you see, nothing is more valuable than a true hardware backup.

    Actually a simple usb key is the simplest and fastest. When you make good progress on your work, you plug your key and copy the files on it.

    For your attacks, i suggest you should invest on a real hardware firewall.

    Look this : https://www.sophos.com/fr-fr/products/unified-threat-management.aspx

    It costs a big 3000 euros, but it's worth it.

  • jaguar1637 739 days ago
    Again, violent attacks from hackers at IC Markets
    Important Update – Network Service Disruptions
    Dear Trader,

    This email is to update you on the network service disruptions IC Markets have been experiencing intermittently over the last two weeks.

    IC Markets (ICM) servers are hosted by oneZero Financial (OZF) in the Equinix NY4 data center in New York. Since the 5th of October public internet access to our servers and to that of all OZF hosted clients has been disrupted on an intermittent basis, mostly during the European and North American trading sessions.

    Initially OZF informed us that the cause of the disruptions were hardware and ISP related. Given the nature of the outages this made complete sense so ICM and OZF acted on this basis and took appropriate measures to fix what was then believed to be the problem. Shortly after ICM communicated this to clients the network went down again. It was at this stage that OZF informed us that the outages were in fact the result of a deliberate denial of service (DDoS) attack against their entire network. We must stress that a DDoS attack is not ‘hacking’, it is an effort bring down a network to stop people from accessing a server.

    Before we continue explaining what happened, we have to address the seriousness of the issue and the lack of information flow from IC Markets. At no stage during the DDoS attacks which lasted between 20 minutes to just over 1 hour was any client’s information or trading account compromised. ICM and OZF believe that the attacks occurred purely for the purpose of causing mass disruption to all clients of ICM and OZF. We have been unable to email clients to inform you of the attack until now, after they have stopped, as this may have introduced new risks.

    These are extremely special circumstances that we must take full responsibility for and which we must make right with you, our clients. We are committed to ensuring that all affected clients are heard by our support team and management, and reimbursements are made where appropriate so no client bears a loss as a direct result of these attacks.

    IC Markets have been working frantically with oneZero and other service providers to put measures in place to prevent such attacks in the future. Some of the measures we have taken include adding another 15 MetaTrader 4 data centers (currently the most of any broker globally), working with ISPs to manage our traffic better and a complete overhaul of our NY4 setup and its redundancy to other data centers across the globe.

    We value you as a customer and want you to know that we are doing everything in our power to make this right. If you were affected by the network disruptions over the last week or would like a call for a more comprehensive explanation then please contact our support team