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Use of the Google Prediction API for financial time series prediction models

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By JohnLast 3925 days ago Comments (8)

Guys can we use it for Forex?

Look the video:

I had this mail today from Google:

Hello There!

The Google Prediction API originally launched as a private beta at Google I/O 2010. Since then we had a fantastic launch at Google I/O 2011 as a Google Labs product and have released a host of new features: utility functions, confusion matricies, PMML support, data anomaly detection and more. We reached another milestone last week: Google Prediction API graduated from Labs with version 1.4.

We have made incredible progress in the last few months. We think Google Prediction API is now ready for prime time. So take it for a spin if you haven’t had the chance yet - sign up at http://code.google.com/apis/predict

If you are wondering what Google Prediction API is all about, watch this fun introductory video:

Happy Predicting!
-Zach Goldberg
on Behalf of the Google Prediction API Team

p.s. Some other helpful Google Prediction API Links:
Hello World Getting Started Guide (http://code.google.com/apis/predict/docs/hello_world.html)
Sentiment Analysis Application Tutorial (http://code.google.com/apis/predict/docs/sentiment_analysis.html)
Modelling Best Practices (http://code.google.com/apis/predict/docs/developer-guide.html#designrecommendations)


  • JohnLast 3925 days ago

    I am a bit sceptic about it, as we do not know what they use. However I would monitor the project.


  • londontrader 3925 days ago

    wat can u do with this

  • JohnLast 3925 days ago

    You can prepare the data, preprocess it and let the google predictive models to do your financial predicton.

    You can build your entire model upload it at the google cloud and let the google super computers to make the calculations. Of course it is not free.



  • jaguar1637 3925 days ago


    Is it better than this ??  => 


  • JohnLast 3925 days ago

    Bluewavetrading.com are just offering another impulse following strategy. Please I invite everybody to look att heir videos.

    Look what is the market state of the chart?

    Ok again.

    Look what is the market state of the chart?

    I think this is not enough LOL.

    Look what is the market state of the chart?

    Yeah, the market trend is clear persistent trends. And with those clear persistent trend a simple Moving Average cross over expert can handle it with no problem. It is all about market state and when we see presentation of indicators and systems we always and inevitably see clear trends and they show us how well it perform there.

    How looked the market lately? Does it look like the pictures? So if does not look as at the video pictures the system will not as shown at the pictures, simple logic my friends.

    Of course the system is a valid system, the system is good. But it is not any better than what we have developped here thank to you and our common efforts.

    Google Prediction API is completely different beer. It is not intended for trading. Not at all.

    Just google is offering a paid service. With that service you can upload data into their cloud server and use they super computer power and their proprietary algorythms for regression and classification.

    They say give us the data and we will predict. What you have to do is to prepare the data. However I do not know how to make it for the moment. I wrote to some programmers that may create such kind of services in their IT projects, so they would gain experience. In fact it is breaking news in the IT sector this google prediction API (that means a connection between you and their computing power).



  • londontrader 3924 days ago

    what has anybody found out from this

  • JohnLast 3924 days ago

    I mean that this could be used. That is an idea. But If I have an idea that is very probable that somebody else has the same idea not necessaraly in the same time. But this is a possibility. There are no empty spaces you know.