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austerity package and a vote is expected today,

By londontrader 4410 days ago Comments (13)


Italian Upper House to begin debate at 1030GMT

Written by Joe Brown
November 11, 2011 at 07:50 GMT 

On the austerity package and a vote is expected today, i’m informed by a contact in Asia.



me-i think that explains the sudden euro rally now



  • londontrader 4410 days ago

    with a gang of new puppeters in the italian parliament its 4sure that the vote will pass

  • JohnLast 4410 days ago

    thanks for the information.

  • JohnLast 4409 days ago

    http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204224604577031600102818674.html?mod=rss_economyROME -- Italy's senate approved the 2012 budget law Friday, paving the way for parliament to vote on the bill this weekend and for Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to resign.

  • JohnLast 4409 days ago

     U.S. stock futures rose on Friday, as worries over Europe’s debt crisis eased and investors showed cautious appetite for risk.

  • londontrader 4409 days ago

    if any of u lucky cunts longed euro today,congratulations,cause i didnt

  • londontrader 4409 days ago

    u know they talk about all this depression and shit,but i reckon its not gonna happen ,ill tell ya why,see deflation,as the purchasing power decreases so are prices,in the inflation announcements inflation already decreased by 1% this year,compared to previous,

    china is developing,they all say that all our money is going to china,i say bollocks,because if we go into depression we will drag them into it,their economy is export driven,all the gov profits that they make they have to loan it out to the usa,which is return buys their cheap crap,all these new chinese millionaries are factory owners and the lot,today the whole trade is done on credit,im studying accounting now,and i can tell ya,that when a business buys stuff they buy it on credit ,just shove it into account payable account,pay in the next 30 days or so ,otherwise we gotta pay interest,so whats been happening lately is that all the wealth of the west has been exported into asia,but if the west isnt wealth anymore,how will they pay their creditors,well they simply wont


    i watched in the meltdown documentary,that a chinese textile factory didnt pay their workers 6 months wages,while their boss is showing off his mercedes crusing through the town for the whole town to see,the factory employs about a million people ,the creditors didnt pay him the  money owed,so he went and burned all the papers,and ran away to the carribean , 


    plus the chinese are in shitload of debt too,what what i read some banks are operating at a loss,witht the economy shrinking,and its proprty bubble,that would mean a big mortgage bust like the usa

    now they can copy the americans in this too,americans are doing it so why wont we too

    thats the scenario if europe goes bust,the chinese wont get their money,and europe will keep more

    plus lower salaries pensions also means lower prices for greeks and italians ,lets not forget the poor invented pizza and pasta,so they wont stay hungry as they get poorer


    i hear that chinese are focusing now on domestic economy,but how the fak is that possible,if the only reason they have such a big economy now is because of its exports,lol


  • londontrader 4409 days ago

    hey john remember this car


    haha,russias range rover

  • londontrader 4409 days ago

    ladas were even sold in jamaica,lol


  • JohnLast 4409 days ago

    Lada 1600 is my favorite.

  • JohnLast 4408 days ago

    I love your breaking fundamental analysis.

    I would post it as market analysis at Forex Factory breaking news. They would love it, as they loved my story about Greece. LOL. I made that joke :). 


  • jaguar1637 4408 days ago

    Phenomenal analysis !

    Reality is a crual thing

  • londontrader 4407 days ago

    lol john,whats ur joke,i wanna hear

    thanks jaguar

    people dont look at small things,they think that they are not worthy their time,but thats the reality of the debt crisis,when u buy,ur mostly buying from a shop that still hasnt paid for the goods,theyll pay for them when they get the money from us,but what people dont want to buy the goods,u have extra inventory,depreciating assets,expiry date is closing soon,u have to put the price down,so when u pay the supplier,u will prob be late and charged interest on ur debts,so all the little profit that the boss was supposed to make gets killed,

    in an armageddon crisis this will come true,but i dont see any of that down under,nz and aus just released rising retail sales 2.5%

    maybe usa and greece,i even doubt germany will be into a shit like this,

    john good that u reminded me before of that new media has to make news to survive,otherwise if we dont watch their crap they wont make profit,

    u2 live in europe,have u been experiencing a crisis as they say in the media,