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The falling prices of oil and the refugee crisis

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By JohnLast 713 days ago

I have read an article than is making a directo connection with the falling prices of oil and and refugee crisis and ISIS.

One of my hypothesis is that actually the USA, have lost interest in the region. They simply do not need that region anymore and do not want to get involved with any major costs for ground operation.

The crisis is directly connected with the shale gaz revolution. This is one of the main reasons for falling the oil prices. What is the actual mechanism I am not certain dumping by the the arab OPEC states or global over supply.

The other reason is the superficial use by the US of the Gene Sharp doctrines of nonviolent action. In that way they provoques first protests then civil wars in stable states. Those states were indeed totalitarian but they were providing sort of a island of security in a turbulent region. Also those countries were a sort of a shield arround Europe. Not understanding that was a serious miscalculation for the European political leaders. 

I can write more about this subject later.