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Trump elected : USA refuses the inevitable WWIII

Did you see  some external influences ? The world is escaping from the WWIII

If Hillary Clinton were elected, it would have been a great risk of WWIII for next years (particularly 2017). Hillary is a hawk !


Something happened to remove the risk of a global war, initiated by some corrupted elite class (mostly democrats and jewish) 


  • jaguar1637 346 days ago

    I am very impressed and very thankfull about the "little" help from our friends from abroad


    Due to the fact, the couple OBAMA/Clinton were going to bring all the world in the WWII, all this stuff was stopped by the election of a more peacefull man. so, Trump receives tonns of helps from outside. Of course, Trump is far away to be a saint... the history will tell us if we are better than food for aliens...

    So, even if the debt is too huge to be handled, even if USA economy collapses, we got the change to escape from a nightmare