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Macron expected as new french president

As far as we can presume, Macron should be the new french president

He got a wide consensus from left and right party.

Of course, french people seems not being able to vote for an extreme party (Marine Lepen or Melenchon). A lack of will of changing everything, and french people is not ready to vote for a woman. That's so simple

At the second turn, we should watch Macron elected against Marine Lepen.


  • jaguar1637 182 days ago

    Hi Dudes

    as I told you quite one month before, Macron should be the next french president

  • jaguar1637 179 days ago

    if you analyse the french vote, you can see severe divergences in the result in some areas. 

    This is my point of view, in a mathematical way => The vote for this election, was particularly rigged and biaised.

    I am surprised nobody saw it and wrote about this fraud. 

    In France, they got sophisticated tools for this purpose, used generally for african presidential elections

    BTW, who is Macron ?? 


  • jaguar1637 178 days ago

    It's just a point of view w/ a mathematical eye. 

    What happened is the manifestation of an event created by the number of voters for a candidate, never elected before


    the result is the destruction of the 2 main parties (left and right sides)

  • jaguar1637 169 days ago

    For some oscure reasons, like a mechanical system, during the last political between Macron (which should be elected as the new french president ) and Marine Lepen (Extreme right ), something happen

    Miss Marine Lepen performed an absolute self-sabotage by being anger against Mr Macron, she desserves what she wanted by not showing and talking about the political program presented by her and the FN party.

    It's like if she had definitivly agreed to be a muppet show in this battle, like an illusion. it's like if she did not really want to become a president. so, why so many critics for nothing ? It's like if this french party (FN extreme right) was just there to represent disapointment , deception and angers against Europa, but no plan, no political actions regarding a possible Frexit, no explanation, no planning , no alternative projects or ambition

     politic in the void

  • jaguar1637 168 days ago


    As expected, I gave you the information quite 2 months ago, Macron is the new french persident

    Marine Lepen just talked on tv, and was quite happy to loose this election... (weird )

  • jaguar1637 159 days ago

    So, after after taking over the whole religious world, the political world is going to be swallowed by the economical powers

    that implies, the civilisation is inside a materialist phase and close from its self destruction