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  • High sea level rising expected for 2018 and next following years

High sea level rising expected for 2018 and next following years

As far as I can understand, the melting of the Larsen C, (which started this year), should be done for next year

So, this result of this melting is quite : 50 years of slow rising (3.7 mm per year)

So, bcz this forum is dedicated to predict things that nobody do not see 

I expect more than 15 cm as sea level rise for 2025 

Please, read and interpret correcty this article

(try to read under the lines, instead of trusting politics, religions, economists or medias)





  • jaguar1637 2439 days ago

    The sea level as increased from 20cm since 1880

    Another certitude : 

    - warm water takes more volume than cold water


  • jaguar1637 2437 days ago


    We made some calculations regarding the effects from the larsen C ' melting

    >The result is : 2.7 cm 

    We took the assertment  the iceberg is just 12% of the Larsen C volume

    But, as I mentionned before, the iceberg is 110 meters high, and the banquise closer than the montain Larsen C, is 350 meters high

    so, the result should be multiplied by 2, and the sea level rising should be more than 6 cm in a few month

    notice also, the sea level rising is now a little exponential

    it's higher than the predictions made