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Short term volatility patterns or something else

От Oanda open orders

Please have a look at this shot. Today we had an accumulation of orders below and above. Please forgive me for the analogy but this look exactly like the accumulation of orders at the roulette game in the casino.

Faites vos jeux

The analogy is so obvious. And as the volatility peak comes at the 9:00 the volatility comes in and ...

 Les jeux sont faits; Rien ne va plus

And we have a breakout, black or red that is the game, in Oanda green or red. 

However we see that we have a penetration depth. And that is the limits where the price for the break - out can go.

If it goes beyond that would lead to the assumption that some other market forces are taking places and those forces are beyound the short term volatility patterns related with accumulation and distribution of open orders.