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Oscar's theory based on Squared matrix

New mathematical concepts

Due to the confidentiality of this blog (it's a private one and you can watch it only on my personnal invitations) , there are some rules :

If you or anyone else in the group wants to publish a paper in any form  about those ideas from this blog,  we want the name of the ideas'owner in the paper (if it is a formal paper) or acknowledgement for those ideas.  Why ? Because a member named Oscar has brillant ideas to share here, concepts which are more than extension or consequences of the infinite matrix concept, This is a new theory.

Basic concepts on which Oscar'stheory is built on :

-  The forex is an infinite matrix.  (jaguar1637)

- Objects  from this infinite matrix can be seen as valid, if determinant or vectors can be extracted from those objects. (jaguar1637). Infinite matrix is an extension of the GUT theory. In example, a candle can be seen as a squared matrix belonging to the infinite matrix created by the forex. So, any data values from those candles or objects w/ determinant root are valids

- this implies the nature of Vectors found here, are valid and reliable as data values (jaguar1637)

Consequences : 

The Oscar ' theoriy is based on vectors. Those vectors are obviously understandable and reliable. The vectors calculation provides impressive good results (outside the concept of determnated/non determinated market or concept of chaotic / predictable market)