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In trading I have found not only you have to beat the market you also have to beat the broker. And you can also factor in your setup as well. You may use backup servers and have backup internet lines.

It is becoming more apparent I need to record all my trading activity on the server and on the telephone. I cannot find a broker anywhere that does not have a problem.

Can anyone suggest a broker with a low USDCHF spread <3 that also provides DAX spread <2 and ideally little or no commission unless they are trustworthy?


  • KAUSTUBH 3191 days ago

    I guess MBTrading has narrrow spreads, low commissions and rebate on limit orders.....and has MT4 as well as Ninjatrader as platforms.

  • JohnLast 3191 days ago

    Here Mr. Zhelev is the brokers' expert.