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Blau's indicators

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By KAUSTUBH 4395 days ago Comments (5)

These are new mt5 William Blau's indicators. The ergodic candelstick oscillator is particularly interesting as it is not affected by gaps.




  • KAUSTUBH 4392 days ago

    The ergodic candelstick oscillator for Ninjatrader looks like this and is considered best oscillator by some.

    [url=http://postimage.org/]png image hosting[/url]

  • JohnLast 4392 days ago

    Do not let be fooled by screen shots.

    There is not such thing as the best oscillator.

    As for me the SSA Noxa is the best oscillator ever because it can emulate all the possible oscillators.

    But even if it is the best it does not mean that it is an authomatic money machine.



  • KAUSTUBH 4391 days ago

    Hi John,

    Thanks for comments.

    This screenshot is my own trading chart for today on Nifty index along with MACD BB CCT and I am using it profitably since last few days. Before finding this, I was using TRIX as a momentum oscillator. I tried to use TTM SSA bars but have no idea how to use it due to repainting problem.

    Would like to see screenshot of SSA noxa in action though.

  • KAUSTUBH 4391 days ago

    Oh...SSA Noxa is quite interesting.

    Well here is discussion and download for ECO for Ninjatrader.


  • JohnLast 4391 days ago

    Yes it is, everything we have are digital filters all of them. There is not a solution that will work all the time. 

    When you work with EAs and look at the optimization space, you see the problem from entirely different perspective. Every strategy has an optimization space and you are dealing with that Search Space or Optimization Space you call it. This site is a must. Look and you will see an introduction what the genetic algorythm does and how it forks at the intuitive level. 

    The market is constantly drifting from one state to another. The question is how are you going to adapt. 

    What you can do is to select a few tools and focus on them. Add new tools bit by bit.

    What really matters is to gain experience with the tools you have, you can call it meta knowledge. Knowledge about the knowledge. And for me it counts the intuitive understanding what the  tool really does.

    Well this does not not boost profits but gives you some important confort and intellectual satisfaction that you are knowing what are you doing.