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Fractal scalper out of sample test results: EA with set file

By JohnLast 2942 days ago Comments (3)

Register and go here, for download click on the button on the right.

Those are the tests of the fractal scalper for the last days. I did not touch the settings from the day I have uploaded the expert here.

I was nicely surprised to see it how it performs now, being occupied with the perceptrone upgrades. This is just the basic version but maybe more robust on the long term. The results are for two months and are I think out of sample except for the first 15 days.

От Поле за пускане


От Поле за пускане


  • SonofSam 2934 days ago

    Very decent profit factor for just a default // basic version. Definitely has potential.

  • JohnLast 2933 days ago

    That is the basic version, the neural net extensions are just trying to squeeze more pips.

    But the development was with the basic  version.

    We were talking about fractal dimension break-out for a while. Then it was logical to want to test this with an expert, so it was not intended as an expert in the beginning but just to test the hypothesis about fractal break - out. We will see.


  • JohnLast 2932 days ago

    Here you can download an English version about the variation index. The document in the mql data base is in Russian, so quite a few here can benefit from it.