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Kathy Lien & Boris Schlossberg site


This is interesting site for actual fundamental analysis. As it is impossible to read everything it is necessary to select well. I am not too much interested in their technical analysis. I do my own. But it is impossible (or maybe it is just me :) ) to make your own fundamental analysis.

You can follow them on twitter too.


  • londontrader 3475 days ago

    these guys were at dailt fx before,all of em,they sucked too much so they got fired

    ur trading advice is as good as ur trading account


    for advice i would advice u all to read forexlive.com


    ex pro traders and news analysts,sean is the best,hes always spot on,he trades hes own account too

  • JohnLast 3475 days ago

    Well I am interested in their fundamental analysis. It is clear I won't take their trades. I think I am doing much more sophisticated technical analysis (not necessarily better LOL).

  • JohnLast 3475 days ago

    Damn I would like to moderate that LOL. But as far as I understand on social network the rules are different than forums. The freedom of opinion is more pronounced.