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LMAX Exchange to provide institutional liquidity to MT4 brokers


By adding the super low latency Gold-i Gate Bridge plug and play solution to its trading platform, LMAX Exchange is now able to provide institutional liquidity to MT4 brokers and their clients.


  • jaguar1637 1845 days ago

     LMAX is one of many exchanges and is not the entire FX market. Other exchanges include Currenex, and Prime Brokers.

    The beauty of LMAX as opposed to Volume data from a broker being it is a true exchange, the only one available to retail traders. LMAX is real Volume data, real money being traded. Broker data could be anything, and they B-book so you don't know if CFD volume is real money trade data.

    It is the assumption then that while LMAX is not the total FX market, it is a proportional representation of the Global FX market.