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A lot of free EA from the Russians


On this forum you can find some free EA. However their tests were done for the last year.

So this is not for take and trade directly. 


However the EAs are interesting:

1. The EA look particularly well coded.

2. You could pick up some ideas.

3. EA coding services are offered for very competitive prices



  • jaguar1637 3424 days ago

    As far as I can see

    • The strategies are very interesting (but when the market is chaotic, there is no check about this)
    • None of those EAs can work on ECN.
    • There is no check on spread (if spread is too high, no trades)
    • The check on digit does not recognize JPY (I know those EAs work only on USDCAD, GBPUSD, EURUSD..

    We must do better

  • JohnLast 3424 days ago

    Yes, but still the codes and the ideas are simple and interesting. I mean that a percetron can be added into those strategies. That was the idea of the whole project (to have something you can use everywhere).

    However I let it as it is for the moment.