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Back to metaphysics: Can the Forex Market Be Forecasted? How to Create One's Own Trading Strategy?

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By JohnLast 3788 days ago Comments (5)

This is a link to an article that I have hard time to find the right place to put.

People often forget that very often some of the best ressources can be found are directly in the mql forum. 

This article goes directly back to the metaphisics, about the energy multidimensional processes that are going on in the market.

You may be sceptical but the professional traders I know (those who really count on it to pay the bills at the end of the month) count a lot on this kind of a mystical feeling of the market (even if they do not call that, they may call that just common sense).

I may think that there is a connection between algorythm development and some kind of enlightment (the author is firmly confident in this statement). 

Here on this place we try to combine many points of views. So if this dot need to be connected with another dot it is precisely the remote viewing (use at your risks).  Check the materials we collected in the group about Remote viewing.

The article is isnteresting, hmm what we can say five years after its creation ;)/