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The Correct Trend


beathespread.com is almost entirely dedicated to the technical analysis and the quantitative trading strategies deriving directly from the technical analysis.

However there are other ways to look at the market. And here I give you a bookmark an excellent article by Henry Liu.

He is doing an excellent job giving besides his paid service a lot of free information and articles.

It is highly recommended for those who put real money into the market to pay close attention to fundamental events.

From the EA perspective and the market states perspective the fundamental events are related with predictable change of volatility. In that way it is recommended to turn off the EAs as they are deemed to work during normal market conditions and avoid extreme market conditions (That means you need to monitor closely the market and turn on and off the VPS, and it is time consuming).

I would add that the market is determened also by a third factor that is the reaction of the machines. That factor has an increased importance. I was reading a new article dedicated to the effect of the machines that states that if human are informed that there are machines out there, they counter - react making the whole market more effective in return. If the humans are not informed that there are machines in the market, they eat them.