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The Law of the charts



By respect of the work of Joe Ross, I do not upload his booklet about the law of the charts but I provide the legitimate download link. Anyway I think you all have a spam mailbox right ;) (I think it is very usefull to have a mail box specially dedicated to forex stuff, it is bad idea to mix things).

I know a lot of conceptions about the price action and technical analysis in general but one of them merit a special consideration. This is the concept about the law of the charts. It is so simple that it becomes a second nature when looking at charts. 

My idea is to show how the entropy and the fractal dimension can add a deeper analysis of the price action.

On forex factory and other forums you may see so many threads and so many specialists and so many opinions. However this approach is simple and will add value to your analysis whatever it can be. I would like to mention that I am not related in any way with Joe Ross.

Unfortunately this is not a holy grail. For me the law of the chart can be resumed.

How the typical price action looks like when we have a persistent movement.



  • JohnLast 3014 days ago

    I found another link of free Joe Ross stuff, but I recommend to download from his legitimate site.

    I think that this is a basic stuff for all newby forex traders. The Joe Ross approach is a simple and consistent way of reading price action. It may look simple but I think that it took many years for him to figure out all that stuff.

    Of course I have imagined an upgrade of this analysis with the fractal dimension analysis. The fractal dimension analysis tells us that price action is not random. Then the question is how to benefit from this knowledge, as the edge is very small.