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ActForex ActVat - build auto trading strategy without coding


ActVAT allows traders to create their own algorithmic strategies using visual elements from any chart such as indicators, chart patterns, trend lines, utilize current rates, pre-set price levels and timers. 


  • JohnLast 3651 days ago

    Do you know if it is worth?

  • londontrader 3651 days ago

    just another bucketshop

  • S.Zhelev 3651 days ago

    ActForex is not a bucketshop, it is not a broker at all. They a forex software developer, the Metaquotes largest competitor. 

  • londontrader 3651 days ago

    yes ,but 90% of forex mt4 brokers are pure bucketshops like the ones u advertise on ur site,why dont u advertise ib or think or swim on ur site,or some other reputable broker who u know will surely give u ur money back,a broker whos servers dont always have connection problems

  • S.Zhelev 3650 days ago

    Londontrader, I sent a link to the new features of ActForex software platform and you are talking about MT4 bucketshops. 

    The brokers that advertise on Forexbrokerz.com are the same that advertise on ForexFactory.com, FxStreet.com and anywhere else. What ActVat has to do with the brokers advertising on my website?

    If you don't like my website, just ignore my bookmarks.

  • JohnLast 3650 days ago

    As far as I know Forexbrokerz is informative site, about what is going on in the brokers industry.

    It informs for example about all the reductions in all brokers. S. Zhelev is a friend of mine and I have no participation whatever in his project.

    This is a social network and I allow all my friends and even not friends to make links to their sites. There is only one condition, that it is Forex and trading related. No boots, no shoes please LOL.

    The second point is as it is a social network the tolerance level is bigger than forums. But I ask you all to be as kind as you possibly can.

    One more thing Zhelev is the most knowledgable man I know about brokers. And sometimes a trading strategy depens on the broker too.

  • S.Zhelev 3650 days ago

    Thanks, John

  • londontrader 3650 days ago

    forexfactory brokers are about 70% ok,lets not talk about fxstreet they are like u,but the thing with ur brokers is they are owned by mafia scammers,who manipulate and stophunt our account,its really easy to deposit with them ,but really hard to withdraw,some even get their accounts suspended,therefore all their earnings are lost,john we talked about scam brokers before ,remember about insta forex


  • londontrader 3650 days ago

    and bro u got plus 500 mentiones on ur site in the promotions,they are the biggest scammers out,worser than any other broker out,i have read so many reviews about them ,and come on whos gonna give  u  a 25$ welcome deposit,we all know how tight trading is