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Frame doubling interpolation for 1080p x264 mkv's for superfluid 48 fps

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By JohnLast 2745 days ago

I have something cool to share with you guys. This will transform your film watching experience thanks to the interpolation you can watch 48 fps instead of 24 frames per second. 

It is about: Frame doubling interpolation for 1080p x264 mkv's for superfluid 48 fps. 

It may look somewhat technical but... pay attention. 


"It is great for scenes where the camera pans over the scenery at a constant speed. Fast action scenes tend to be more clear as well. The whole movie gets a very realistic feel to it. It's just awesome. Actually IMAX HD is at 48 fps as well. Beware though, it is not easy to get this working. But once you got it, you never want to go back to 24!" 

A friend of mine showed me, it is really amazing stuff. This is my gift for you. 

This forum page is important 


showing how to change the script regarding the number of cores. If you had at least a quad core you should not have a problem, but even on my modest two core laptop with Intel 2.2 Ghz I get it running. 

with: SetMTMode(1,2) 

No really it is hard but if you get it running you will transform your film watching experience. 

I use KM player. 

In the settings in usage of internal decoders make sure you have checked (only use if it fails to play)