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Sam Seiden trading articles


Here you can find links to trading articles by Sam Seiden fron online trading academy. Here on beathespread I recommend two schools of technical analysis. Sam Seiden and Joe Ross.

While Joe Ross' trading is based on pure price action, Sam Seiden has special emphasis on support and resistence levels. 

"People need to realize that you can have a picture perfect chart pattern and it can still fail miserably. When this happens, it is because the breakout entry was right into a support or resistance level.

There are many ways to trade and keep your trading low risk and high reward. You can use chart patterns, indicators, Moon and Star patterns, and much, much more. The one governing dynamic that will determine the outcome of all these types of trading, however, is how well you can quantify supply (resistance) and demand (support)." Sam Seiden

I recommend a tool that enhace the study of support and resistence and it is the study of open orders.

When you have time I recommend this video about Support and Resistence.